Last week we posted the Top Ten List of Musicals the Theatre People team would like to see return to Australia. There was a huge response with enough suggestions to create several more lists of musicals our readers would like to see return.

So here are the Top Ten Musicals You’d Like to Return To Australia


1.Priscilla Queen of the Desert

The musical of Priscilla had its world premiere in Sydney, Australia in 2006. Perhaps it’s due for a 10 year anniversary season?



2. The Boy From Oz

The Boy From Oz had its world premiere in Sydney in 1998 and played for two years in various cities, making Todd McKenney a household name. The Broadway production opened in 2004 starring Hugh Jackman.

Todd McKenney reprised the role for a limited Melbourne season for The Production Company in 2005. It was so popular, the season had sold out before opening night, prompting an encore season five months later.

Boy From Oz



3. Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot played from 2007 to 2009 in Australia, winning numerous awards along the way. It’s … well … electricity!

Billy Elliot

4. Porgy and Bess

Well this one IS making a return, with a Sydney season announced for 2016 with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and an American cast.

Porgy and Bess


5. La Cage Aux Folles

Todd McKenney and Simon Burke starred in The Production Company’s staging of this musical in 2014. Melbourne audiences loved it – interstate audiences would love to see it.

Todd and Simon


6. Phantom Of The Opera

Everyone loves this classic Andrew Lloyd Webber.


7. Oliver!

Another classic musical with a children’s cast. Perhaps we’ll see a return of Oliver! following that other classic with children, The Sound of Music?



8. The Producers

Another musical that had a successful season by The Production Company for Melbourne audiences in 2012. Perhaps time for an interstate tour?

The Producers


9. Chicago

Who can resist a bit of ‘Cell Block Tango’ and ‘All That Jazz’? This is a musical that sizzles and pops.

Chicago Set-ups Cell Block Tour September 20, 2004  212.362.7778

Credit Photo ©Paul Kolnik NYC


10. Rock Of Ages

This one is coming back … sort of. Expect to see plenty of amateur theatre companies doing Rock Of Ages in the coming year.