Meet the Top Ten Disenchanted Princesses …

Forget the princesses you think you know, DISENCHANTED turns the clichéd Disney princesses on their heads when they toss off their tiaras to present a comically subversive, not-for-kids musical that cleverly reveals what really happened ‘ever after’ for the royal renegades.

1.  Mulan – is the recently out of the closet lesbian of the group.  She also touches on cultural stereotypes with the ‘pretty Asian girl’ and what a struggle that can be in a modern context.Disenchanted Mulan


2.  Pocahontas – she’s not happy about the twisting of history and distorting the truth to make the story fit commercially and into stereotypes.Disenchanted Pocohontas


3.  Princess Badroulbadour (Jasmine) – social comment on misogyny – through the lens of the Middle Eastern context, but really discussing broader context of women playing the ‘secondary’ role in the world.Disenchanted Jasmine


4.  Princess who Kissed the Frog – her focus is on race and how the commercial model has always been ‘white’ until she came along. Disenchanted frog


5.  Ariel – is the comical drunken regretful hot mess. Underneath that is the ridiculous pretense that Disney diminished this character to (as so many stories seem to go), that she gave up her family, her world and her ‘mermaid-ness’ to marry a man she met after one encounter. Disenchanted Ariel


6.  Rapunzel – strong social comment on commercialism and the Americanisation of everything. Disenchanted Rapunzel


7.  Belle – she’s hilarious.  She delves into the ‘Disneyfying’ of stories, and making things that are totally unrealistic seem happily ever after and normal.  NOOSA alive! In association with Mad About Theatre present: AUSTRALIAN PREVIEW PERFORMANCES DISENCHANTED The Hilarious Hit Musical Poisoned apples. Glass slippers. Who needs ’em?! Photo: © 2018 Rick Monk


8.  Sleeping Beauty – has a beautiful moral message about being “perfect” and the pressure that women and young girls, in particular, face in this strive for perfection.  Her song “Perfect” has some timely messages about the pressure of the media, body image, fashion etc, and how we can let that go to realise we are all perfect in our own way. Disenchanted Sleeping Beauty


9.  Snow White – understandably she’s got a chip on her shoulder about a lot of things. She’s definitely the emerging feminist.  She has a song she dedicates to all the Prince Charmings out there – “Happy Tune” – which is anything but happy!Disenchanted Snow White


10.  Cinderella – is the closest to the Disney representation of all the characters.  She’s blonde, ditzy, giggly – sending a message within itself about stereotypes.  But, she has her revelation at the end that you can have all those superficial characteristics AND still be right and smart and fabulous.  Disenchanted Cinderella


Disenchanted is now playing at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne’s East End Theatre District until Saturday.

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*** This show is not suitable for those with a penchant for poisoned apples, happily ever after or anyone under the age of 15

Photos from Noosa preview season. Credit: Rick Monk.