Lyndon Watts’ Top Ten Ways to Get Ready for a Performance of Anything Goes!


1. Greet and chat with your cast and crew, touching base with your company helps keep the show tight and in sync.

2. Down a ginger shot from Spring Street Grocer to shock the system.

3. Eat a decent meal beforehand. By the time that third tap break comes along, you’ll thank yourself later for opting for something wholesome.

4. Warm up your voice and body, you want to represent the show at your best and warming up promotes longevity. It helps if you’re dance captain has a SLAMMIN’ warm up playlist.

5. Slick that hair gurl, using liberal amounts of gel, hairspray and prayer.

6. Discuss important social issues with your dressing room.

7. Make sure you’re maintaining a clean work station. This one isn’t funny, just good to do.

8. Do some push-ups, sailors are buff from saluting all the time.

9. Time to get into your costume! Designed by the brilliant Dale Ferguson.

10. Showtime, get ready to laugh! This ship is as fun to be on as it is to watch.



Lyndon Watts


Anything Goes