James Bryers, swing from the Helpmann Award nominated Dirty Dancing, shares his top ten tips for baking on your day off from a show.

And yes, all these cakes were actually created by James Bryers.


1. Remind yourself that even though you set out to only bake for a small portion of your day off, YOU WILL in fact spend the WHOLE day, plus most of the next and maybe even a bit of the following day on just this one cake.


Cake 1


2. Make sure you have all the ingredients before you start. You don’t want to keep going back and forward to the supermarket for the zest of a lemon or 20 more grams of chocolate.


Cake 2
3. Always taste the mixture. Whether it’s on the spatula, the bowl or no doubt, your fingers.


Cake 3
4. Don’t eat too much mixture. You will either get sugar drunk, or cake-mix-sick.


Cake 4
5. Bake nude. Just save your clothes from the inevitable mess.


Cake 5
6. Keep an eye on the cake while it’s in the oven. Ovens are hot. Cakes burn. There’s no coming back from a burnt cake.


Cake 6
7. Befriend company accommodation reception staff. When the cake is in the oven and needs to be taken out at a certain time but you have race to the supermarket to get that lemon zest or 20 grams of chocolate because this recipe can’t live without it, Jess, Courtney or Danniale will be the ones to save the day.


Cake 7
8. Clean up thoroughly. You will most probably be warming up on stage getting ready for a show with the rest of the cast the next day and either find ganache, frosting or butter on you socks or in your hair.


Cake 8
9. Make sure you have baked enough for the rest of your cast and crew. Even though everyone is on a diet, they WILL want cake. They WILL go and find the cake you’ve brought to work and eat it all… Oh and bake extra for Jess, Courtney and Danniale.


Dirty Dancing 250
10. And lastly, because we’re all about carefully curating a catalogue of our  perfect lives, ensure you have your #donnahay cake stand with which to display your #beautiful creation, a plain backdrop for the mandatory photoshoot, and masterful photo editing skills as its all about the ‘likes’.

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James Bryers


Dirty Dancing opens in Perth on August 1st then moves to Adelaide in October.

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