Chris Scalzo plays just about one of everything you see (and don’t see…) in WICKED, including Avaric, and he is also the Boq cover.

He shares the Top 10 things he does before each performance of WICKED



The Top Ten Things I Do Before Every Show


  1.  Eat a glossy Granny Smith apple.
  1.  Savour my only coffee of the day – a (triple) Long Black.
  1.  Spend ten minutes (at least) on the absolute lifesaver that is a foam roller.  And on the odd tougher day…a spikey ball goes in the mix too.
  1.  Full vocal and physical warm up run by our Musical Director and Dance Captains!  Lip trills and sirens for me only though – there’s plenty to be sung in WICKED, so I don’t want to peak too soon!
  1.  Favourite bit – chats with my boys in our dressing room! Usually a brilliant mixture of current events, stories from our days, recounting on-stage hilarity, some tour memories and some music sharing.
  1.  Spend careful time parting my hair perfectly down the middle – like Wednesday Addams or Natarsha Belling – to then mic myself up and prepare my head for many hats and wigs.
  1.  Brush my teeth, sometimes twice in the Half Hour Call alone…then a nice, minty Listerine gargle right when ‘Beginners’ is called.  It’s too much, I know…
  1.  Fill my trusty Camelback bottle, grab my infamous Vocalzone tin, and say hi to my wonderful dresser to start getting all kitted up in the crossover before mic check.
  1.  Wave to Suzie Mathers as she ascends in the bubble, cross glitter cannon ‘swords’ with fellow cast member Pharic Scott during the pre-show announcement (complete with our dreadful French accents), then preset in the dark stage right entry stairs with Dan Assetta and gather our thoughts for a moment….
  1.  And last but not least, find that final ‘just right’ vocal placement through this weird self-invented nasal siren thing I do during the overture right as the Oz Map flies out, climb the stairs to make my entrance and…Good News!  She’s DEAD!