Ellen Sutton from WICKED shares the Top 10 Things she does before a double show day:


1. As soon as I wake up I have a couple of glasses of water to kick off my hydration for the day.

2. I steam for about 15 minutes with my inhaler.

3. I ‘roll-out’ on my foam roller focussing on the iliotibial band.

4. I take my vitamin combination of magnesium, glucosamine and olive leaf extract.

5. I savour my soy piccolo!

6. Once at work I head off to physical and vocal warm up with the cast.

7. Pin curls come next.

8. Deep heat is essential before a show to keep my body feeling very warm.

9. A couple of mints to feel nice and fresh.

10. Nivea ‘Pearly shine’ is my final touch up for my lips which gives the right amount of colour for Wicked’s make up palate


Ellen Sutton