Melbourne held its first “Ginger Pride” rally on the weekend, which prompted the Theatre People team to celebrate the gingers in musical theatre. Here’s our Top 10 Theatre Gingers.


10. David Harris

The beard is currently gone while he performs the role of Billy Crocker in Anything Goes, but David Harris has a very ginger beard.

David Harris ginger beard


9. John O’Hara

These days John O’Hara is usually seen with a shaved head after years of performing as the Governor of Munchkin Land in Wicked, but he’s a definite redhead.

John O'Hara head shot red head


8. Eli Cooper

This ginger is currently performing in Matilda the Musical.

Eli Cooper redhead


7. Ellen Simpson

These gorgeous auburn locks belong to performer and choreographer Ellen Simpson.

Ellen Simpson


6. Madeline Cain

You won’t see these stunning locks on stage at the moment – Madeline Cain is currently performing in CATS the Musical in Perth.

Madeline Cain redhead


5. Francine Cain

Sister to Madeline (above), Francine Cain is currently in rehearsals for Xanadu the Musical which opens soon at the Hayes Theatre.

Francine Cain red head


4. Marika Aubrey

These days Marika Aubrey can be seen on stage wearing a blonde wig as Mrs Wormwood in Matilda the Musical. Many fans don’t recognise this natural redhead at stage door!

Marika Aubrey red head


3. Jemma Rix

She’s better known for her green face from Wicked and is currently seen on stage with blonde curls in Ghost the Musical, but Jemma Rix is another redhead.

Jemma Rix red head


2. Rhonda Burchmore

Rhonda Burchmore is one of our most well known performing redheads.

Rhonda Burchmore red head


1. Tim Minchin

And finally, Tim Minchin, the Aussie who brought us the extraordinary music in Matilda the Musical.

May0034014. The Daily Telegraph. Portrait of Australian comedian and musician Tim Minchin, who has written the music and lyrics for Matilda The Musical, which will be shown in London from October 2011. Photographed at the rehearsal studios of the Royal Shakespeare Company in Clapham, south London. Wednesday September 07, 2011.


Minchin even wrote a song about gingers …


To all the gingers out there, we salute you! Wear those auburn locks with pride.