Nathan Pinnell’s Top Ten Secrets on how to handle your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) on Anything Goes…

1. When organising your dressing room table, bring a protractor to measure every item so it sits at a perfect 90 or 180 degrees.

2. Always brush your teeth at the 15 minute call.

3. Count every stair when descending to the stage.

4. When putting your dance shoes on, always put your right foot on first.

5. Create backstage traffic and never change it!

6. Find an object to tap twice with your right hand before you enter the stage.

7. Wear your microphone belt in exactly the same place throughout the show. If it moves… Try and remember your lines.

8. When dressing down after the show, make sure you take off your costume in the correct order, ie, shoes, then pants, then shirt, etc.

9. When coming back to the dressing room, don’t have a mental breakdown if your dressing room table has been adjusted by another cast member.

10. When leaving the theatre, always push or pull the stage door with your left hand whilst nodding your head.

If you have this very serious disorder, don’t ask me. I’ll probably make it worse.


Nathan Pinnell


You can see Nathan Pinnell in Anything Goes, now playing at The Princess Theatre