A new report by Ernst and Young has found that Melbourne’s East End Theatre District contributed over two-thirds of a billion dollars to the Victorian economy in 2014-15.


Here are the Top 10 Facts About The East End Theatre District.

1. The East End Theatre District hosted 1.5 million patrons in 2014-15.

2. Yearly attendance at the East End theatres exceeds every other Victorian major event, with the exception of AFL games and combined attendance at Zoos Victoria.

3. 16% of attendees were from outside Victoria, rising to 27% for ‘high profile’ events such as Australian premiere musicals.

4. The East End Theatre District created an economic impact of $226 million for Victoria in 2014-15 (new money entering Victoria).

5. The East End Theatre District economic contribution was $692 million (all economic activity associated with the theatres).

6. The East End Theatre District contributed 1780 direct and 1177 indirect jobs, totalling 2957 direct and indirect jobs in 2014-15.

7. 26% of all attendances in Victoria’s live performance industry, including music concerts, were at the East End theatres.

8. The East End theatres account for 85% of Victoria’s professional musical theatre audiences.

9. 1729 individual performances across all East End venues.

10. Ten different performance genres were hosted at the East End theatres, including musical theatre, contemporary music, comedy, theatre, opera, and dance.

East End Theatre District Map

EETD map

For more information about the East End Theatre District  http://eastend.melbourne/home