Tom Handley, ensemble member of WICKED, shares his top ten essential things to have when touring overseas.

1. Your staple coffee shop. Always suss out first up where you can find your daily coffee needs! It can be hard to find good coffee overseas, but it’s a must to make you feel at home! (And wake up for a matinee).

2. A strong wifi connection. Keeping in touch with family and friends back home is a must! It makes being away a lot easier.

3. A good gym! It’s very important to keep fit and healthy no matter where in the world you are, especially doing a show as active as Wicked.

4. A masseuse/physiotherapist. Wicked is an extremely active show that can be taxing on your body. A good massage or physio check is essential on days off.

5. Large supply of bottled water! Touring through certain Asian countries can mean the tap water is unable to drink for tourists. It’s important to stock up on bottled water to stay hydrated.

6. Great shops! A major perk of touring around the world is discovering all the different fashion and shopping. We always explore the nearest markets and shopping malls.

7. Hidden local restaurants! I love touring overseas and discovering all the amazing local cuisine a lot of the tourists don’t know about!

8. A relaxing place to swim. Often countries we tour to are extremely tropical and humid. Having a cool down on your day off is essential!

9. A vocal steamer. Keeping your voice in shape is essential wherever you are with Wicked. Coming home and steaming after a show and even before helps to keep your voice running!

10. Foam body rollers. This is a life saver backstage at Wicked, and they are easy to travel. We all roll out our muscles in between scenes and before each show.


Tom Handley