To celebrate Bastille Day today, July 14th, we take a look at the Top Ten Things our Cosette has been up to in Australia since Les Misérables opened last year.


The original Les Misérables manuscript was on display at the State Library in Melbourne.

This is the original illustration of our darling Cosette.

Original Cosette


So let’s look at the modern day Cosette enjoying her time in Australia …


1. Cosette celebrating the announcement of Kinky Boots coming to Australia (opening at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne’s East End Theatre District – the place Cosette called home for 6 months).

Cosette Kinky Boots

2. Cosette at the tennis.

Cosette Tennis


3. Cosette at the Grand Prix. (She likes waving large flags.)

Cosette Grand Prix


4. Cosette enjoying the cricket.

Cosette Cricket

5. Cosette celebrating Australia Day. (She needed those sunnies during her Perth season!)

Cosette Australia Day


6. Cosette with a heart full of love for Valentine’s Day – and an idea for the perfect date night.

Cosette Valentine's Day


7. Cosette filling your Christmas stockings (with tickets to Les Misérables of course!)

Cosette Christmas

8. Cosette at Easter.

Cosette Easter


9. Cosette in AFL Grand Final footy fever.

Cosette AFL

10. And finally, a grateful Cosette thanking her fans.

Cosette grateful

No, thank you Cosette.


Les Misérables is currently playing in Sydney.

For tickets and more information: