Julia, a struggling university graduate with an obsession for the colour pink, has severe commitment issues. Her relationship with longtime girlfriend Sophie is on the rocks and Linda, the woman from the bar last Friday night, may just be the exciting fling that Julia needs. Will Julia stay with Sophie or risk it all with Linda? Find out what happens next on Julia, A Lesbian.

 Tooth n’ Fang is an arts collective devoted to unearthing and unleashing the raw and sharp. Blending dramaturgy, experimental design, and multidisciplinary art making, the collective produce work that is both poetic and brutal. Tooth n’ Fang is made of up an international team of artists. The team for this project includes: Allanah Avalon, a New Zealand/Russian multidisciplinary theater artist, and Nathalie Kozak, a Chilean/Argentinian theater artist interested in the convergence of theory and practice.

The goal of this project was to create a character who not only humanized the often overlooked complexities of lesbian identity, but someone whose humility and effervescent personality spoke to audiences of all sexualities and gender expressions. Grappling with the normalcy of commitment, betrayal, and sexual desire, the introductory story of Julia flips the traditional TV sitcom structure on its head and offers a new and critical perspective on the form. Julia’s narrative, while only one of a much greater network of lesbian identities and experiences, offers a glimpse into a new platform of representation which challenges both the historical and traditional place of queer presence in performance.

Sept 28 – 30