**** stars

The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and writers/performers Charlotte Otton and Andrew Sutherland present 30 Day Free Trial: a partly verbatim piece about performing pornography.

Multi-award winners Otton and Sutherland share sex stories with the audience in between dialogue from an actual YouTube video of an interview with a young woman seeking to make her first pornographic video. Mostly delivered with carefree banter and “cringe-erotica slam poetry” the performance is brought down to earth with seemingly sincere admissions of their relationship with porn and individual hang-ups. Ultimately, the performance explores ‘our’ need to be perceived as sexual beings and how we may look to pornography to express or discover sexuality.

Otton and Sutherland are excellent performers who have a genuine rapport and affection that communicates well, though, there was mostly a glib disregard for the unequal and abusive relationships that exist within the pornography industry, and probably between couples who decide to make their own home movies.

Otton and Sutherland could develop this piece to delve deeper into the dialectical phenomenon of pornography.

30 Day Free Trial was showing at The Blue Room Theatre from 4-8 February 2020.

Photo Credit: Dana Weeks