Leah Anderson speaks with Glen Barnett from Just Us Productions about Tomorrow Morning


Tomorrow Morning is a Musical by breakthrough compser/lyricist Laurence Mark Wythe, which recently won a Jefferson Award in Chicago for Best Musical.
Since Premiering in 2006 at the New End Theatre in London, the show has played in Conneticut and most recently in the award winning new production at Victory Gardens Greenhouse Theatre in Chicago, directed by Tom Mullen. The show will premiere in Australia this week with Just us Productions at the Treble Clef Jazz Lounge.
Tomorrow Morning is show that few are familliar with so I sat down for a chat with Glen Barnett from Just Us Productions and asked him a few questions about the show and this production:
This production is the Australian Premiere of ‘Tomorrow Morning’ so most people would not have seen it before. Tell us a bit about the plot:,

The show is centred around two couples.  The first couple, Jack and Catherine (played by Jonathan Guthrie-Jones and Natasha Bassett) who are in there 30’s and getting divorced "Tomorrow Morning" and John and Kat (played by Blake Testro and Krystal Shute) who are in there 20’s and getting married "Tomorrow Morning".  As the show unfolds and the characters develop, you begin to realise that these two couples are actually the same people, but 12 years apart.  It is an extremely intersting show when you have both couples on stage together and you see the "older" couple looking back at their past and reflecting on the things that went wrong as well as the things that went right. 

Why did you want to do this show? 

Last year Just Us Productions produced "I Sing!".  In a sense, we wanted to see if we could actually produce a show and make it of a high standard without the use of fancy moving lights, giant automated sets and millions of costumes.  As "I Sing!" was recieved so well by the audiences, we decided to officially form our production company and start producing one show a year.  As this is technically the first show we are producing under our name, we wanted it to stand out from the crowd and evoke some form of excitment or even mystery.  When anyone produces a premiere, it is often a show that has been out professionally or that is well known from Broadway.  This show’s composer is from the UK and it is not as commonly known to the general theatre community.  We were very lucky and extremely excited when Laurence Mark Wythe approved our request to perform the Australian premiere.  So we chose this show to do something that had never been done in Australia and, a simpler answer, a cast of 4 fits quite well into our venue.  

Your Last show, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, had a cast of 34 and ‘Tomorrow Morning’ has a cast of 4 – What do you prefer, Small or large casts? Why? 

For me, the size of the cast is not really important.  I think it’s the music that grabs my attention.  For me to say that I prefer smaller casts would possibly imply that I didn’t enjoy working on Jesus Christ Superstar, which is certainly not the case.  I think, for the most part, that a cast size is determined by the show you are doing (in terms of characters and harmonies) as well as what venue you are performing at.  For example, it might look a bit silly doing a 4 cast show in the Princess Theatre.  I love working on all shows whether it’s big or small.  I think the one of the biggest things is with a small cast, everyone can have some input to the show and it’s story, which is what we’ve done with Tomorrow Morning.  I think it is a great thing to let the cast have input into the creation of the show, which as you can imagine would be quite tricky in a cast of 34.

‘Tomorrow Morning’ has been compared to other small-cast, relationship-based musicals like ‘Songs for a New World’ and ‘The Last Five Years’. What can we look forward to seeing from this production, that we havent seen before? 

I guess it’s hard to differentiate shows that have small casts.  As soon as you say "this show has 4 cast members" I immediately think of "Songs For A New World".  The obvious difference here is that "Tomorrow Morning" is not a song cycle as it has dialogue and follows a story line.  Given that nature of the story, I guess you could say it is similar to "The Last Five Years" in terms of the 2 characters starting at opposite ends of the story and in "Tomorrow Morning" you have the same couple being played out simultaniously 12 years apart.  I think the biggest difference is the music though.  The music in "Tomorrow Morning" is very well written and I think really helps with the development of the characters.  The music is simpler than that of Jason Robert Brown’s, but very effective in conveying emotions.  If nothing else you can look forward to seeing a creative and original story line that I believe would, in some way, speak to many people i the thatre and wider community.

Finally, With two shows already sold out before opening, ‘Tomorrow Morning’ is shaping up to be a very sucessful production.  What would you like to say to entice those people who have not yet bought tickets? 

Just that the show is looking and sounding amazing.  I know everyone says that about their shows, but honestly, with a cast this strong and talented, the show is just great.  We couldn’t have asked for a better cast.  The intensity and even bitterness of Natasha and Jonathan’s characters compared with the passion and joy of Krystal and Blake’s really make this show something you can’t take your eyes off.  I really hope that people can make it to see the show.  Tickets are selling very fast now and as we only have a maximum of 60 per night, if you want to come, please call me and book in before you miss out. 

‘Tomorrow Morning’ 
Directed by: Joel Batalha
Musically Directed by: Glen Barnett
Choreographed by: Josie White
Starring: Natasha Bassett, Jonathan Guthrie-Jones, Krystal Shute and Blake Testro

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