Theatrepeople caught up with the characters and Director from Fab Nob Theatres and Williamstown Musical Theatre Companys, Victorian Amateur Premiere production of [title of show] and we asked ‘Why should people come to see [title of show]?’

Ang Cuy – Director
2 companies + 2 venues + 4 cast members + 4 chairs + 1 keyboard = a show you do not want to miss! And with the chance to see it in Bayswater or Williamstown there's no excuse to miss it! See it twice even! This show is a gem – amazing material presented by an incredibly talented cast, and the ticket price works out to be about 33 cents a minute. You can't get anything for 33 cents these day.

Simon D'Aquino – Musical Director (Larry)
"Can I write something for this promotion too?"


Karl McNamara – Jeff
Hi Jeff here! Say my name a few times and it sounds really weird. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff… Weird huh!? These are the kinds of things I think about sometimes. Anyway, you would think writing a musical about yourself would be easy, especially when you just write down everything you say! Then you need to make cuts, edit scenes, write songs and be careful not to swear too much. My job is to write the songs for [title of show] I'm so lucky to have Larry on stage, he plays the piano so I don't have to. The songs I like write are catchy with some silly lyrics that make me giggle. I try to make the harmonies interesting but not too hard so Susan can learn her part easily.
Why should you see [title of show]? Because this show is like nothing you have ever seen before a – 'docu-musical' that doesn't focus on giant moving set pieces but rather a bunch of highly attractive people telling you their truly unique story.

Nicko Kong – Hunter
You have 2 options.
1: Stay at home and watch Trixie cry on 'The Block' for the 110th time because she got caught out cheating in the room reveal again. OR
2: Come see our kick-ass show!. Also the show is sooo now and relevant. The humor is current and not dated. We also put on funny accents and take off our tops… MEOW.

Emily McKenzie – Heidi
Hey! It’s me, Heidi! I was lucky enough to be asked along by Jeff and Hunter to do this show and the experience has been so much fun. So here I am, right in the middle of what I love, it is such a wonderfully funny show with lots of laughs, incredible vocal harmonies to sing and a gorgeous, talented and lovely group of people to work with. I’m getting to be who I wanted to be in this world. Little did I know that they’d make me take my top off on stage and make out with a girl, but that’s all in the name of ticket sales, right?

Brittany Lewis – Susan
Hey y'all, corporate whore Susan here. Sorry, what was that? You're wondering why you should come and see [title of show]? Well. Let me enlighten you…
[title of show] has dancing, like in Cats, but without the awkward lycra; It has harmonies, like in The Sound of Music but there is no racial discrimination or unfortunate bowl cuts; It's funny like Avenue Q but you won't have to look at puppets all night; and (most importantly) we are having more fun than the cast of any other show before us. We love you. We love each other. Buy a ticket, buckle up and join us for the roller-coaster ride that is [title of show].

[title of show] is playing from the 7th – 15th June at the Fab Factory and then moves to the Williamstown Mechanics Institute Theatre from 20th – 23rd June.

Ticket Bookings; or 0401 018 846 or 1300 881 545