This January, Australia’s renowned interactive children’s theatre producers are bringing together Tinkerbell and the Dream Fairies in the enchanted Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

Suited to children aged 2-7, this new production from Glenn Elston (The Wind in the Willows, Alice in Wonderland, Caribbean Pirates on the Polly Woodside) is an interactive adventure full of activities, acrobatics and magic that will enthrall the young ones these school holidays.

“This summer we wanted to create an experience for our youngest audiences of all. Over all the years we have performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the gardens, the fairies have always entranced our smallest spectators. Whenever we rehearsed the show during the day, small children would wander over to stare at the antics of Mustardseed and Peasblossom,” says Glenn.

“Tinkerbell’s personality has a wonderful synergy with the Dream Fairies. Together they are just about the most adventurous and mischievous fairies of all! We’re having so much fun developing this show, and working with early learning experts to ensure it will truly engage and inspire young minds and bodies.”

Tickets are on sale now from or call 03 8676 7511.