Who wants to be single?

Not many of us.
So where are all the kids looking for love (or any other kind of quick fix) these days?
Online dating!
Now when I say kids, I’m obviously not talking about children…
Enter Noni McCallum.


McCallum admits to being one of the ‘Single Ladies’; a 30-something serial dater who thrives on awkward situations and unusual encounters with the opposite sex. She’s tried all of the websites in her quest for Prince Charming; Zoosk, Oasis, RSVP, E-harmony… all but Plenty of Fish, which is where you’ll apparently find her mother. But these days, with the mobile app Tinder at the fingertip, online dating is as simple as a swipe right.

Online dating makes for brilliant show fodder. McCallum has a lot to draw on for material, and having spent the last six weeks writing a blog about, and going on many a date with an unsuspecting Tinder match, she has enough material to keep the audience in hysterics from start to finish.

The seasoned star sings beautifully, showing off her versatility with everything from showstoppers such as ‘Stranger Here Myself’ and pop songs such as ‘Can’t Hurry Love’. Her anecdotes and commentary play out like a polished stand up comedienne’s routine interwoven with familiar songs. Eddie Perfect’s ‘I Wanna Go Home (The IKEA Song)’ is a doozy of a number, and a particular highlight, we are treated to a cleverly devised medley that includes such hits as ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme a Man (After Midnight)’, ‘I Get Around’, ‘Somebody like You’, ‘Man Eater’, ‘Womaniser’ and ‘You can’t always Get What You Want’; showing off a sound musicality in intertwining well assembled lyrical content.

Supporting McCallum is her pianist, guitarist, backing vocalist and duet partner, Andrew Kroenert. His expert timing accentuates everything McCallum does, including everything from providing subtle underscoring to delivering the date-from-hell’s Game Of Thrones monologue and offering McCallum a quick break while delivering the most beautiful rendition of ‘Kissing You’ with hauntingly seductive falsetto.

McCallum thinks of everything. Not only does she provide the songs and comedic value to make for a great night, she brings a little extra to make for a truly interactive experience for her audience: the Tinder Phone. Throughout the show, an iPhone is passed around the audience with McCallum’s Tinder profile logged in and ready to find a match. The audience are given an opportunity to swipe left on the duds and swipe right to approve potential suitors for McCallum. At times you could see groups of people huddled around the Tinder Phone ogling over potential suitor profiles and some even getting extra excited when a match and conversations with these gentlemen presented themselves. She quips that letting your friends set you up on blind dates really tells you a lot about what they think of you, but she’s brave enough to let the audience have a go!

There is also a blog, and McCallum has kept a public diary of the dates she has gone on, which makes for fascinating reading. And she does share some of these stories with her audience… We hear about the guy who took her rock climbing, the Melbourne Dees supporter who rubs her the wrong way, and she tries not to enjoy remembering Stephen who had no conversation skills but was a really good kisser.

Perhaps some of her best material, we even get to hear teenage Noni’s diary entries. Dean Cain of The New Adventures Of Superman fame was her idea of the perfect man back then, and the fantasy she had in mind is not what you expect!

A wonderfully entertaining, universally accessible, juicy and tongue in cheek night, Tinderella is cabaret at its best. Don’t miss the chance to see this show. I have a feeling it will be different every night, and who knows? You could even take a swipe to help Miss McCallum find the love of her life.

If you missed it at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival, Tinderella will next play at the WNTR Geelong Cabaret Festival this August.