Looking to fill that giant Monday night hole that the conclusion of Game of Thrones has left in your life? Do you desperately need your Daenerys, Jon Snow, Sansa, Bran, Tyrion fix? Want to wash the bitter taste of season eight out of your brain? Then look no further than Thrones! The Musical Parody, a sell-out darling of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Do you have that one friend that has never seen an episode of Game of Thrones? Meet Linda (Leslie Collins), recently divorced and surrounded by five friends who are GoT superfans, who decide to throw her a divorce celebration on the same night as the series finale. 

Leslie Collins, Mary Lou Kolbenshlag and Jordan Stidham in Thrones! The Musical Parody
(Photo by Prudence Upton)

To catch Linda up, they take her on a trip down memory lane of all of the highlights (and lowlights) of the past eight seasons whilst also weaving in more pop culture references than there are ravens in Westeros.

It’s pretty safe to say SPOILERS, as no major moment is left unexplored through a variety of musical styles, from ‘Stabbin’, a hip hop/rap look at The Red Wedding, to a vaudeville-esque examination of how Joffrey And Ramsey were just ‘Misunderstood’, to a Book of Mormon-inspired ‘Push It Off’ look back at Tyrion’s life.

The cast of Thrones! The Musical Parody
(Photo by Prudence Upton)

All six actors play several different characters throughout the show, some wearing multiple wigs at once, but for this reviewer there were two stand out performers. Jordan Stidham, who plays Jamie Lannister and Jon Snow, certainly got the biggest laughs of the night with his drawl, muddled, is-it-Scottish-or-Irish, Jon Snow accent. Tyrion, the Mountain and Hodor were embodied by Eric Michaud, who bought the house down with the astounding tribute to Wylis’s life in ‘Hold the Door’.

There is an absolute plethora of in-jokes and references that may only make sense to a meme-loving, behind the scenes gossip-talking super-fan, which I am proud to count myself as, so spent the majority of the show absolutely doubled over in laughter.

Mary Lou Kolbenshlag and Eric Michaud in Thrones! The Musical Parody
(Photo by Prudence Upton)

As many of us fans wish we could, the show ends with the cast writing their own ending, including special appearances from other fandom universes and the father of Game of Thrones himself. No further spoilers from me though!

Jump on your nearest dragon and get yourself to the Playhouse before the Night King raises the dead and kills us all.


WHEN: Playing now until 23 June 2019
PERFORMANCE TIMES: 7.30pm Tuesday – Saturday, 3pm Saturday, 2pm and 6pm Sunday
WHERE: Playhouse, Sydney Opera House
PRICES: Tickets from $45 + booking fee
TICKETS: sydneyoperahouse.com or 9250 7777 

This performance is recommended for ages 16+. It may contain strobe lighting, haze, occasional coarse language, nudity and adult themes.
Children aged 15 years and under must be accompanied at all time