Andrew Dodds and Kelli Tori of THRESHOLDtc are creating opportunities for all arts lovers to enjoy The Bald Soprano at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Dodds is very proud of their work to date: "My decision to fund and assist Inclusive arts practice within the theatre in Auslan Interpretation and audio description is beginning to encourage others to do the same, which is what I had intended when starting out on that campaign.

"Also, I have been trying to put together packages for young people who live in care to see the show.

"I would very much like the theatre to be a place for everybody, and will continue to make this my goal when the Fringe draws to an end."

Below is a YouTube ad for The Bald Soprano featuring THRESHOLDtc's deaf consultant Edan:

In The Bald Soprano THRESHOLDtc welcomes you to the bizarre world of Eugene Ionesco – a place where dogs don’t swallow their trunks, people don't polish spectacles with black wax, and it's not uncommon to know at least eight Bobby Watsons.

Interpreted performances of The Bald Soprano are happening on October 2 and 5 – book now.

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