From overspending on superfluous homeware, inflating one’s appearance on social media, and existential concerns about the future of the planet, DISPARATE SCENES FOR MILLENNIAL DREAMS aims to punch the zeitgeist squarely in the jaw.

Directed by Benjamin Sheen (A Little Bit Of Pain Never Hurt Anyone), produced and with dramaturgy by Thomas De Angelis (Chamber Pot Opera) and presented by Periscope Productions (Fireplace), DISPARATE SCENES FOR MILLENNIAL DREAMS introduces these fresh young playwrights to Melbourne audiences.

Playwright Ang Collins, in her piece Huge Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale has turned her trademark wit towards a new-fangled millennial obsession: indoor plants. Playwright Lewis Treston has written the not-quite-love story of two cosplay enthusiasts who meet by chance in Osaka, Japan. The piece Condo Osaka devastatingly unpicks the sordid hypocrisies of our time. Playwright Fiona Spitzkowsky’s piece Dawn Chorus in A Minor weaves around the other two plays, as two young people wait for salvation in a warehouse-turned-gallery. They huddle in the air-conditioning, sheltering from the now oppressive heat wrought by human induced climate change.

Opening on Friday 31 May, at Meat Market Stables, DISPARATE SCENES FOR MILLENNIAL DREAMS is set to delight, surprise and engage young audiences – and perhaps infuriate older ones – and is a brilliant collaboration between some of Australian theatre’s most important movers and shakers.