Catherine McClements (Tangle) and Kate Atkinson (Wentworth) star in the world premiere of Joanna Murray-Smith’s brand new razor-edged comedy, Three Little Words. This new Australian play is a sharp social observation about friends, relationships and the complexities of navigating through the everyday upheavals of life.

With a track record of staging stellar new Australian works and the recent success of her production of Joanna Murray-Smith’s play, Switzerland, MTC Associate Director Sarah Goodes is perfectly placed to direct to this sophisticated, acerbic comedy.

Bonnie and Annie and their best friends, Tess and Curtis, have both been together for twenty years. The cosy world of coupledom has insulated them all from the challenges of a complicated world. They’ve shared lunches, brunches, art exhibitions and trips to Kakadu. Their perfect cosmopolitan bubble seems hermetically sealed, until one couple casually drops a bombshell – they have decided to split up. There’s no way to predict or control the devastation that follows.

April 18 – May 27