Power, sexual violence and crossing the line explored in This Kind Of Ruckus.


Accompanied by stunning visual imagery, version 1.0’s This Kind Of Ruckus explores the forming and wrecking of relationships, patterns of control and cycles of abuse. Dance floor seductions, relationship counseling sessions and personal tales of sexual violence are blended with commentary on high-profile sexual assault scandals involving football players to create a confronting, unsettling and deeply compelling performance.
This Kind of Ruckus started out as a piece looking at domestic violence, based on therapy interviews with men who had been violent toward their partners. But during its development the focus of the work shifted, and it became a broader work about experiences of power, control and violence in intimate relationships,” says  co-creator and version 1.0 CEO David Williams.
TThe show is very interested in the commentary around these incidences but not interested in demonising any of the individuals involved. We don’t think that is a very politically useful position because problems of violence in relationships occur surprisingly close to all of us, and we think that is something we need to be very aware of."
Sydney-based version 1.0 is an ensemble of artists who make performance through collaboration, investigating and also enacting democracy. They make devised performances that are both political and intensely personal, based on strong research, and that engage with significant political and social issues using innovative theatrical strategies.
"We aim to provoke public conversation around important issues and we think theatre is a good way to do that," says Williams
The company  is acclaimed in Australia for its innovative, accessible, and entertaining blend of documentary theatre, contemporary performance, and media spectacle.  They are acclaimed for their hybrid theatre productions about public issues including: A Certain Maritimerom a Distance, created in response to the rowing incident at the 2004 Olympics.Incident (based on the children overboard scandal in 2001, Deeply Offensive and UtterlyUntrue (based on the bribes for wheat scandal) and F
The company’s extensive research process involves interviews, the use of direct quotes from Parliamentary papers and Senate enquiries and researching newspaper articles.
There is quite a number of stories in the piece, and they all come from real stories and some involving public figures," says Williams.
"The performance examines areas of Australian culture that enable and excuse various forms of sexual violence, and includes actual comments made on The Footy Show (NRL) and Wayne Carey’s mea culpa on Enough Rope with Andrew Denton. This is not only a work about football cultures though, but rather a work that explores cultures of sexual violence that all of us are involved in."
This Kind Of Ruckus has been nominated for Best Visual or Physical Theater Production in the 2010 Helpmann Awards. It is, in short,  a confronting alcohol-fuelled techno-beat driven performance about sexual violence in contemporary culture and will make its Melbourne debut at the Arts Centre, Fairfax Studio in August 2010.