What will the auditions entail? 

Every person auditioning will have 10 minutes of private audition time to sing 2 contrasting songs of their own choice, a short dialogue reading and potentially some vocal range tests. Auditionees will attend a COMPULSORY 2 hour movement audition on Saturday 1st June OR Sunday 2nd June. This will be a chance to assess the level of dance ability. Some people will be given material and asked to come back on another night to participate in callbacks, which may consist of singing, line reading or movement. Those not called back are not necessarily out of the running.    

What are you looking for in the auditions? 

For this show we need top notch singers and dancers, but we also want to use your other skills. If you can do circus tricks, acrobatics, play an instrument, draw, paint or take your yoyo around the world with the best of them, then make sure it’s on your CV. This production will take advantage of every skill you’ve ever developed; we want a cast with open minds and a creative process. 


What tips do you have for the auditionees? 

When selecting your songs, think about not only the style of the show but also the style of your character. They have very distinct musical voices and types. 

Prepare your material, but we’ll want to see how you take direction, so stay open minded. 

Make some strong choices in the room; help us to remember you vividly. 

If you write down a skill on your CV, be prepared to show us in the room. 

Seussical! is a fun show. Remember to have fun and show your fun side when auditioning. No one likes working with a sad sack. 

To book your audition call Mary on 0413 354 652 or head to http://www.trybooking.com/CSXY