Okay, so here is the story; you’ve had a fight with a friend, your love life is falling like the Berlin Wall around you or you’ve just had a bad day. What do you do? You reach for a glass of wine. Seems simple right? Well, Melbourne Cabaret extraordinaire, Natasha York thinks so.

These Things Take Wine follows the journey of Natasha as she discusses and explores the ins and out of drinking wine. How we drink it, where we drink it, hangovers and above all else WHY we drink it. This is all explained through hilariously pertinent song repertoire and an autobiographical rendition of major moments in her life wherein wine was her only solace.

Natasha York soars vocally throughout the piece, demonstrating a plethora of different styles which all coincide seamlessly with her neurotic self. Not only can the girl sing, but she is extremely intelligent with her comedy. She has the ability to have the entire audience in stitches with her wild stories and witty banter but also allowing us all in to relate to her situation. Let’s be honest, we’ve all needed a glass of wine to cure stress at one point in our lives.

Throw in some pretty intricate party tricks and hilarious audience interaction and you have yourself a night of top notch entertainment.

If you’re in Melbourne, it is imperative that you go and see Natasha York in These Things Take Wine. Either that or just meet her at the bar, where she’ll be drinking whatever she can grab and pulling plastic babies out of her hair.

The show is playing the Butterfly Club until this Sunday, November 16.