Why do we suffer? There is only one answer: MAN. One of the most brutal stories ever told. Written by one of the most incisive and subversive writers of the twentieth century.

Adapted by eleven-time Green Room Award nominated ensemble The Bloomshed, George Orwell’s fierce critique of power is funnelled through a contemporary context that sees political oppression, extremism, and misinformation erupt into an all-out assault on our political landscape. Animal Farm is a high-octane omnishambles of satire, political allegory and epic theatre with a rhythm beaten out on abandoned grain drums.

“This is not a one-for-one retelling. There’s nothing passive or complacent about this adaptation. The approach has been to get into a fist fight with Animal Farmdebate it. What will it say to us that is useful in 2021?” Daniel Lammin, Director.

 “We are not born greedy—we become greedy because of the system that rewards greed.” James Jackson, Writer.

August 18 – 29

Bookings: (03) 9534 3388 or online at https://www.theatreworks.org.au/program/animal-farm/

Image: Sarah Walker