13 – 18 March    *Australian Premiere

Through personal experiences, reflections and cultural perspectives, five performers from Melbourne and Seoul will create connections to the spaces, streets and ambience around Theatre Works, linking the theatre to the social and cultural environment in which it sits.

Known for uncovering the strange personal details that lie beneath the skin of social convention, Melbourne’s Ranters Theatre in collaboration with Creative VaQi from Seoul, South Korea, promise to lead audiences on a journey, engaging them with their surroundings until the ordinary becomes something else that both reflects what it emerged from and transcends it.

FIERCE by Jane Thompson

28 March – 8 April   *World Premiere

Suzie Flack has made it. Made it to the big league. The first female footballer to play professionally with the men. Which is why you haven’t heard of her; she doesn’t exist. FIERCE is a work of fiction: in sports where speed, strength, agility and power are necessary, no female has competed regularly against men at the highest level.

Seen through the eyes of Suzie Flack, FIERCE is an ode to the drama that is AFL football, masculine culture and a prevailing idea of ‘Australian-ness’. Intergenerational relationships, social isolations, gender bias and intimacy all framed by the intense and heightened world of men’s professional sport.


30 May – 10 June   *Australian Premiere

Following their sold out and critically acclaimed The Happy Prince, Melbourne’s “leading light in indie theatre” (The Age), Little Ones return to Theatre Works to revisit Oscar Wilde’s dark and humorous fairy tales with a haunting re-imagining of THE NIGHTINGALE AND THE ROSE.

A lush gothic fable, it explores the beauty of love, art, creation, and song from the perspective of an effervescent nightingale who hears the longing cries of a young student desperate to find a red rose to give to his sweetheart. Told through a highly stylised, bombastic and queer aesthetic, Little Ones Theatre’s exploration of this most bewitching and melancholic fairy tale will unpack the adult longing laced within Wilde’s poetic prose, highlighting idealistic and cynical perspectives of love with all his decadent symbolism and cheeky wit.

 POLYGRAPH by Robert Lepage & Marie Brassard

19 – 29 July

In this era of Post-Truth Politics, does lying need to be disguised anymore? In POLYGRAPH, truth is on trial just as it is in our current political landscape.  Written by the globally-acclaimed director, playwright and actor, Robert Lepage and presented in a brand new production by the physically dynamic, boundary-pushing OpticNerve Performance Group, POLYGRAPH has been metamorphosed to reflect the perception of our changing global reality.

Six years after being suspected of the brutal murder of his closest friend, Francois sets out to make a film about the incident. Teaming up with Lucie, an actress, and David, a criminologist in charge of polygraph examinations, Francois uncovers a series of unanswered questions with dire implications for everyone involved.

DYBBUKS by Samara Hersch

16 – 26 August   *World Premiere

In Yiddish mythology, dybbuks are the unresolved souls who seek to find form through living bodies. This new work from Chamber Made evokes the many ways that the dead inhabit female bodies through language, voice, memory and desire.

DYBBUKS is a bilingual (Yiddish & English) contemporary theatre and music work created by lead artist Samara Hersch and collaborators together with three performers, a local Yiddish choir of inter-generational women and four female musicians.

Part performance, part concert, part exorcism, DYBBUKS combines mythic stories, traditional Yiddish songs with contemporary composition to present a feminist reimagining of S. Ansky’s iconic dybbuk story.

 PERPETUAL FRUSTRATION MACHINE by Stephen Sewell & Zebastian Hunter

7 – 23 December   *World Premiere

PERPETUAL FRUSTRATION MACHINE is an explosive and raw thrust into the human drives of our desires, combining text and the physical discipline of circus in an unstoppable thrill ride through life. Co-creators, Stephen Sewell and Zebastian Hunter, have imagined a circus drama that explores the current trend of instant fame and the common experience of desiring the unattainable.

Four daring physical artists throw themselves against this destructive desire for darkness, embracing the poetry of Sewell’s text whilst taking the audience on an adventure from great heights. Comical, poignant, frenetic and poetic this joyous dance of daring circus invites you to cavort along with us until the world ends.


Theatre Works and Zeb Fontaine Theatre present

ANTIGONE X by Zeb Fontaine Theatre

31 January – 4 February

 Theatre Works presents

HELLO BEAUTIFUL by Hannie Rayson

2 – 6 May

 Theatre Works and Lab Kelpie present

ELEGY by Douglas Rintoul

16 – 20 May

 Theatre Works and Red Hot Productions present

SWANSONG by Connor McDermottro

16 – 20 May

 Theatre Works and Hot Mess Productions present

ROTTERDAM by Jon Brittain

21 November – 2 December

 Theatre Works and The Danger Ensemble present

HAMLET APOCALYPSE by Danger Ensemble

9 – 18 November