Theatre In A Box is a party board game for musical theatre lovers, created by Brenton Crewes, Flynn Crewes & Paul Morrison. 

“The idea came about 12 months ago when Brenton was mowing the lawn, lost in his thoughts, and decided a musical theatre board game would be a good thing,” explained Paul Morrison. 

They did some investigating and found there really weren’t any musical theatre board games out there. 

“So, we saw a market for it and designed it.”


Two of the co creators: Paul Morrison and Flynn Crewes


Life got busy, and the project stalled at the end of last year, but then COVID-19 suddenly disrupted everyone’s lives. 

“I had a company that caters for the entertainment industry – my business got cancelled within a four hour period,” said Morrison.

The sudden spare time allowed the creators to invest time and energy into reinvigorating their board game. 

“We dusted off what we had already done and polished up the concept. We had quite a few different people play it and told us it was a great game and that we should take it commercial and so we’ve decided to do so.” 

The end result is Theatre in a Box

“We’ve designed it specifically to combine performance skills with musical theatre trivia – and some luck!” laughed Morrison. 

The game is easy to set up and the average playing time is anything from 40 to 70 minutes. 

“It’s not a Monopoly, it’s not a 1000 piece puzzle, it’s just a really nice straight forward, well thought out party game that you can play with a minimum of fuss and have some fun along the way.”

Theatre in a Box has been created using a theatre seating map as the board. Players start at the back of the theatre and work their way along the seats, completing challenges along the way. The type of challenge corresponds with the colour of the seat upon which the player landed. 

“You complete the challenge of the colour of the seat you land on, and if you are successful, you get allocated tickets. The person who has the most tickets by the end wins the game.”


The five categories in Theatre in a Box spell out the word S-T-A-G-E

S – Song (things related to singing and lyrics)

T – Tears and Cheers (a chance card)

A – Alpha Theatrical (everything revolves around letters of the alphabet)

G – General Knowledge 

E – Entertain (activities such as: need to charade, hum a song or dance to portray a musical etc)

A downloadable reference is available for anyone requiring answers.

Theatre in a Box caters for various levels of musical theatre knowledge. An example of a more simple, general knowledge question is: What is the surname of the family in The Sound of Music? The more difficult questions are multiple choice so players at least have a 25% chance of guessing the answer right!

The game has been designed to be played as an individual or played as a team.

“In a party game environment, such as an after-party after finishing a show, you can split off into teams and have an all-in match of Theatre In A Box with 3 or 4 people in each team,” suggested Paul Morrison. 

It’s the ideal game for every theatre to have in its Green Room. 

Theatre in a Box is about to launch on Kickstarter – and will only come to fruition if the project is financially supported on Kickstarter. 

Expansion packs are available, including one for “professionals” for anyone who thinks they’re an expert in musical theatre. The questions in this pack are harder, such as, “What is Elphaba’s surname” and questions about Tony Award winners. 

Those pledging to support the game will also support the industry. Part of the proceeds of the game will support charities. 

“In Australia we’re raising money for Support Act,” said Morrison. 

The US charity the game will also support is currently being finalised.

The creators hope to develop more expansion packs over time, including an all-Australian version, an all-American version, Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber, the golden years of musical theatre, the last five years of theatre and many more. 

There’s so many different sorts of categories you could choose to create an expansion with and we intend to do every one of them!” exclaimed Morrison.

One very special expansion pack will only be available to backers on the Kickstarter campaign, which is a good reason alone to back the project immediately! 

Theatre in a Box will be ready for Christmas – making it the perfect gift for any musical theatre lovers. That’s my Christmas present sorted! 


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