Lala Barlow and Robbie Smith take you through a year of their life, as Australian backpackers, experiencing London for the first time, finding a warehouse which has been converted into shared accommodation for a total of 12 occupants, all played by Barlow and Smith.

It’s brilliantly funny, on many levels, the whit, character impersonations along with various accents, nationalities and distinctiveness of each character, are skillfully portrayed.

The production is a combination of story and dialogue between each person, interplayed with hilarious songs such as Stuck on you and Tradition.

The audience was in stitches as the situations and conversations became funnier and faster within the interplay through many of the events.

There are so many funny elements, for me, the storybook segment, in particular, was more than hilarious, which crossed all languages, considering its presentation is shown in Emoji  while the story is unfolding,

Barlow and Smith, are such a dynamic couple, with perfect timing, fantastic audience engagement, and super energy, they finished as strong as they started.

It was a very entertaining night, from start to finish.

Definitely a not to be missed show during this comedy festival.

The Worst Little Warehouse in London

Is currently at  The Butterfly Club 5 Carson Pl (off Lt Collins St) Melbourne From the 26th  to the  31st of March.