Australia’s longest running annual stage show begins with every audience member magically ‘transformed’ into a rabbit by the Head Chief Rabbit. With a waggle of the ears and wiggle of the nose, it’s off on an adventure the rabbits go! The young rabbits meet Mole and Ratty before being introduced to Ratty’s riverbank friends Badger, Otter and little Portly, before they go off to meet the famous Mr. Toad at Toad Hall.

Wonderful and wild adventures ensue on the road, firstly in Mr. Toad’s brand new yellow cart which ends in a reckless accident, introducing Mr. Toad to “Poop-Poop” motor vehicles. A rousing rendition of “Duck’s Ditty” calms everything down before Mr. Toad returns in his new-found (but stolen!) vehicle and skittles a police officer. Unluckily, the police officer is also a judge and Mr. Toad is sent off to jail for forty years.

Meanwhile, Badger reports an emergency: that Portly is lost in the Wild Wood, and all the rabbits in the audience need to help find Portly. During the search, the party discovers that Toad Hall has been overtaken by the Weasels, and the battle to win back Toad Hall is on! Mr. Toad returns from jail having escaped disguised as a Washerwoman just in time to help out, and the Riverbank animals are soon celebrating their triumph with a victory march to say farewell.

Full of laughs and surprises for kids and adults alike, “The Wind in the Willows” is interactive theatre at its best.

Theatregoers are invited to pack a picnic and bring the whole family to the summer’s best promenade production, where the little ones will be given every opportunity to sing along and join in with the characters as they embark on this outdoor adventure.

“THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS” – The Australian Shakespeare Company

Location : Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens. Enter through F Gate on Birdwood Avenue.

Dates : Tuesday, 24th December 2019 to Sunday, 26th January 2020

Tickets : $25 to $30 for single tickets and $90 – $110 for groups of four

Visit , call 03 8676 7511 or via Ticketmaster