Unanimously acclaimed by the critics and now in its 28th year in London’s West End, with over 7 million people having seen the play.

The Woman In Black is a terrifying trip through time into a tragic and ghostly world where the horrors of the supernatural combine with the power and intensity of live theatre to send shock waves through the audience with splendid thrills and chills.

In this brilliant adaptation of Susan Hill’s horror novella, a traumatized man recruits a young actor to help him exorcise the ghost of the Woman in Black. As the two men perform the story, they combine some of the oldest theatrical techniques with modern cinematic styling.

This incredible production has two amazing actors who tell their story in an old fashioned way, relying on atmosphere, on hints, glimpses and suggestions, heard and sometimes only half seen. The Woman In Black chills the audience as it builds to its terrifying climax.

Adapted brilliantly for the stage by Stephen Mallatratt, it has been produced in over 40 countries and has thrilled audiences the world over with its heart-stopping story.

In 2012, came the release of the big screen version starring Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, which with its spectacular box office became the biggest selling UK horror movie of the last twenty years.

Redfox3 is a new theatre company presenting productions in the Melbourne metropolitan and regional area. Established in the famous Yarra Valley wine region, the company aims to create work that is entertaining, engaging and speaks honestly to audiences.

Featuring local actors, this is RedFox3’s first production and Justin hopes to establish an exciting and accessible local theatre company.

Directed by award winning director Justin Stephen, a resident of the Yarra Valley, and brought to you by an exciting new theatre company, RedFox3. Justin is emerging as one of Melbourne’s most electrifying directors. He has been commissioned by a number of companies and acclaimed by critics.

“I love to be scared, and this story is truly creepy,” – Justin Stephens, Director, The Woman In Black.

“The show can be truly terrifying to watch, one that you can’t look away from, even though you wish you could. It’s this kind of Theatre that fascinates me,” says Stephens. “Whenever you can rivet someone to their seats and extract an intense emotional reaction it’s an amazing experience. If it’s comedy or drama…or in this case, horror, I don’t mind. I’m most interested in shows that stay with me long after the curtain has fallen.”

Be warned, nightmares may very well be a by-product of this eerie piece. Stephens hope so but says: “In our house we have a little ritual after watching a scary movie. If it’s truly scary we have to watch a comedy straight after just so we can sleep!

Maybe, if The Woman In Black can do a little bit of that to our audience, without scaring them away for good, I’d be happy. Come in groups, it’s safer that way…”

 Performance Dates: Sat 20 August – Sun 04 September, 2016

Performance Venues: Warburton and Healesville

 Upper Yarra Arts Centre, Warburton

SAT 20 AUG – 7.30PM

SUN 21 AUG – 2PM

Address: 3409 Warburton Hwy,  Warburton

 The Memo, Healesville

SAT 27 AUG – 7.30PM


Address: 235 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville,


$28 Full

$24 Concession

$20 Group 6+


Online: http://goo.gl/9foF06

Phone: 1300 368 333

Email: [email protected]