Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies is one of the most enduring of all fairy tales, and continues to delight, engage and intrigue children and adults. It is the saga of a boy chimney-sweep and his spirit-journey as a Water-Baby, now with Freddie Hill’s musical edge.

Freddie’s score, delivered by an 11-piece orchestra, contains both period and contemporary elements, crosses boundaries of style and times as freely as the story itself.

Performed by a cast of renowned and new talents which include:

– Mara Kiek, as the “Irishwoman” who represents the grim backdrop of early Industrial Revolution England.

– Child- leads of Sasha Paul Cole as the chimney-sweep Tom, and Lucia Smith as Ellie, the daughter of landed gentry. Join us in celebrating their debuts into professional theatre.

As Freddie Hill, the Composer & Musical Director, said: “While highlighting Kingsley’s wry humour and irony, my treatment of The Water Babies is mindful of the great themes which exercise our minds now as in Victorian times -scientific progress, environmental responsibility and social justice.” 

The Water Babies; 1 show only at the Reginald Theatre, Seymour Centre June 18 at 6p.m.

See Seymour Centre website for details.

The Water Babies: A Folk Opera. 
June 18th 2016 at the Seymour Centre, Chippendale 
Words and Music by Freddie Hill 
Director: Kyle Stephens 
Illustrated Storyboard: Jo Truman