On October 30th 1938 Orson Welles and his acting troupe The Mercury Theatre gave one of the most infamous Halloween tricks to an unsuspecting US public.

Their radio-play interpretation of the HG Wells sci-fi classic ‘War of the Worlds’ was so convincing…listeners thought it was REAL!

Forty years later, On September 6th 1978 Jeff Wayne released his Musical Version of World of the Worlds, which went on to sell millions of albums around the world and is in the top 40 albums of all time.

Nobody would have believed that forty years later again, these human affairs would be re-enacted from the timeless worlds of Innes Lloyd. Across the gulf of The Butterfly Club, these minds immensely inferior to most people performed their tribute with envious eyes. Slowly, but surely, they performed their show in honour of Wells, Welles and Wayne.