The Travelling Sisters are like no other act you have ever seen. Their sketch comedy show is an eclectic, surreal combination of physical comedy, music, contemporary clown and over the top characters which is consistently hilarious. The Travelling Sisters consist of Lucy Fox, Laura Trenerry and Ell Sachs. They met while studying at the University of Southern Queensland, and have gone on to perform together around the world, although this is their first time performing in Melbourne.

As I doubt anyone could possibly predict the bizarre nature of this show, I give very little away by explaining that the stories performed cover topics as diverse as a group of bogan ice-skaters from a town with no ice, a unique love story with audience participation and a surprising ending, a rapping goat, movement artistes’ interpretation of the theft of The Scream, an emotional tale of three potatoes, some hilariously bad stand-up comedy and a cabaret performing giant.

The clever scene changes are amusing and smooth as they dance into their next costume, accompanied by their harmonious, but often silly a Capella pre-recorded vocals. All three performers are extremely engaging as a range of characters that are often stereotypical to the extreme, yet somehow compelling. The three performers transform into each character with a strong physicality, and extremely mobile faces. They manage to draw the audience into the emotion of each scene, regardless of the inherent silliness (making the audience feel emotion for a mentally disturbed potato is a remarkable achievement). Their opening song, and several musical interludes throughout the show are performed well, accompanied by one of the girls on guitar. They also demonstrate excellent teamwork and well developed physical comedy skills, particularly in the Boadicea sketch, where all three performers combine to create the giant cabaret singer, and as the troupe of movement artistes.

If you like your comedy on the random and silly side, and you can handle an hour of persistent laughter (and having a constant surprised look on your face), this is the show for you. The Travelling Sisters seem right at home in the kitsch, random clutter of The Butterfly Club – hopefully they will travel back soon.