This production is already nearly sold out – it’s going to be a beg, borrow or steal event this Winter!

Bertholt Brecht’s and Kurt Weill’s extraordinary 1928 ‘play with songs’ The Threepenny Opera is one of the most outrageous stabs at modern life ever committed to the stage. Together with Victorian Opera, Malthouse Theatre is soon to present what will now be the biggest work they will ever have mounted, with a cast of over 12 singers and a band of 8 literally blasting the roof off the Merlyn Theatre.

Following the success of Through The Looking Glass (2008) Malthouse Theatre and Victorian Opera collaborate again to present an all too timely new production of Bertholt Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera. To be directed by Michael Kantor, with musical direction by Richard Gill, and featuring text adaptation by Ranter’s Theatre Raimondo Cortese, this gritty mixture of metropolis life, musical comedy, bawdy farce and political commentary will be brought to life by a cast of thieves, beggars, pimps and whores including Eddie Perfect, Paul Capsis, Judi Connelli, Casey Bennetto, Gary Smith and Dimity Shepherd.

 Brecht based his tour de force on John Gay’s The Beggars Opera (1728), a prescient work which dared to suggest that the world is run by thieves, cutthroats and harlots, whether in the halls of government or the depths of the gutter. Sound familiar? Gay’s scandalous satire went on to become one of the eighteenth-centuries most popular plays in Britain, and Brecht’s re-imagining has proved as popular as its precursor. This production enlivens the sordid underbelly of 1920’s Berlin as a wild and gritty modern metropolis.
In the late 1920’s when the collaboration with Brecht first started, Weill was already an established leading composer in Weimar Germany. An inventive orchestrator and great writer of tunes, Weill’s melodic genius is paramount to the unique sound-scape elements. The music relays a response to epic theatre, creating tunes that are catchy and beautiful including Mack The Knife, Second Threepenny Finale and Cannon Song which undercuts the severity of the dark satire.
Eddie Perfect, in his first main stage appearance since Shane Warne, The Musical, will wield his insouciant charm as the indefatigable Mack the Knife; Dimity Shepherd charms as his lover Lucy; Judi Connelli and Grant Smith create a formidable force as the Peachums and Paul Capsis is literally transformative as the street girl Jenny.
This production is already nearly sold out – it’s going to be a beg, borrow or steal event this Winter!
Season Info:
Merlyn Theatre CUB Malthouse
28 May – 19 June. Tuesdays 6.30PM, Wed – Sat at 7.30PM and Sun at 5PM. Matinees: Sat June 12 at 2PM and Thursday June 17 at 1PM.
Opening night: Wednesday June 2 at 7.30PM
Booking Info: / 03 9685 5111
Tickets: $16.50 – $49+