This year, in addition to their own massive program, the team behind the Butterfly Club will creating a the pop-up venue Howey Downstairs (Known as Fort Delta Art Gallery during the day). The venue is located at 21 Howey Place (off Lt Collins). From the 12th to the 30th of September Howey Downstairs will be running some of the most eccentric, intriguing and weirdly wonderful in the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Over the past 18 years The Butterfly Club have encouraged the zany and the somber, the wild and the wacky, the beautiful and the inspiring to perform during the three weeks of Melbourne Fringe Festival. This year they are bringing an additional  line up of eight productions performing at Howey Downstairs.

City of One: A one-man show that examines the questionable foundations of Australia’s cultural identity. Set in the Australian Bush, City of One follows the journey a young man who just wants life to be the way it was, but doesn’t understand the cost. City of One seeks to discuss the hidden costs and damages associated with the Australian Dream and its surrounding values.

DEATH BOAT!: A cruise ship approaching a mysterious fog is on the brink of insanity and it is up to the enthusiasm of the entertainers to keep the morale at a high. Corey M. Glamuzina presents a multi-character narrative intertwined with a variety of sketch. A reverse stripper, an ageing diva and a disgruntled captain are just some of the creations who keep the entertainment alive as the reality of death at sea grows nearer.

Socially (un)acceptable: With a more serious tone, Socially (un)acceptable is an unapologetically raw and thought provoking show that takes a bold look at today’s society and its views on sexual assault. This brutally honest piece will break down the beliefs of slut-shaming, victim blaming and rape culture as it explores the need for a cultural shift.

The Interpenetration of Opposites: Tracking the relationship of two brothers and their friends through the most important stages of their lives. Exploring tensions and pursuing creative endeavours this piece diverges on issues of love, purpose and the utility of life.

Here.Live.Now. Sketch Comedy: A comedy sketch show that combines theatre, improv and music through hilarious dysfunctional moments. Featuring eight up-and-coming performers in Melbourne’s comedy scene Here.Live.Now. will explore issues that can pull us apart as well as bring us together.

Boy Story: Cameron and James are two funny boys from Perth; one from the rough suburbs, the other from a fancy suburb close to the beach. Their friendship was forged by their mutual passion for footy and generally being silly sausages. A stand-up comedy double bill by two of WA’s rising stars of comedy.

Ben Volchok Presents: Silly voices, sound effects and quick dialogue. Ben Volchok Presents… two episodes of original radio comedy, live on stage! Many characters to listen to and many laughs to be had.

The Lucinda Light Show: A one woman cabaret that takes the audience into the depths of being a human. As sacred as it is silly, as raw as it is rehearsed. This show wildly awakes the heart and will have you laughing and applauding until the end.

The Howey Downstairs program for the Melbourne Fringe Festival will run from Thursday 14th September until Sunday 1st October. Bookings recommended

Show Details: Melbourne Fringe at Howey Downstairs

Dates: 14th September – 1st October

Cost: $25-32

Venue: 21 Howey Place, Melbourne