“Could my show end up here? Is it good enough for Broadway, that magical street of dreams? Or is it too good for Broadway, that shameless commercial whore?”

A musical look at the courage it takes to follow your dreams, Tick Tick… Boom! is a part- autobiographical musical written by Jonathan Larson during his struggle to write the ‘great American musical’.

Comprising fourteen songs, ten characters, three actors, and a band, Newline Productions’Tick Tick…Boom! takes you on the creator's journey that led to the Broadway blockbuster, Rent.

“The sound you are hearing is not a technical problem. It is not a musical cue. It is not a joke”

June 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of Tick, Tick, Boom!’s original opening on Broadway and Rent is re-opening on Broadway the night after Newline’s production.

Tick, Tick…BOOM! depicts Jonathan Larson’s struggle with turning 30, believing that he should have fulfilled his dreams already, as his friends leave the theatre-world behind to become big Madison Avenue executives.

“Has turning thirty always sucked? Or is our generation different because we've never grown up? Never had a real test? A Depression. A World War, Vietnam — Maybe that's what I need?”

Fortunately for us he stuck with his dream. The central idea of this musical is that it's about turning 30 and believing your life is over, when in actual fact, at that moment of Jonathan's life, it is really only just beginning…

Jonathan’s girlfriend, Susan (Melle Stewart) wants to get married and move out of the city (TICK,), his best friend, Michael (Justin Smith) is making big bucks on Madison Avenue (TICK…), yet Jon (Tyran Parke) is still waiting on tables and trying to write the 'great American musical' (BOOM!).


“6am. The sky glows. Somewhere a bird chirps. I want to shoot it.”

All three cast members, along with the company and production team have worked closely on this show and are very excited to introduce new audiences to the work of Jonathan Larson by showing that there was more to him than just Rent. The show is about taking chances and pursuing your dreams. Tick Tick…Boom! is rarely produced in Australia and the hope is that it will encourage producers to take more chances with lesser-known productions.

"In one week I’ll be thirty. 3-0! Older than my Dad was when I was born. Older than Napoleon was when he … did something that was probably extremely impressive at the time”

According to the Torah, “Age 30 is a moment of truth when certain realities of life firmly take hold” and in the wise words of Rabbi Boruch Leff, “As one young man leaves his 20s behind, idealism gives way to practicality. Almost.”

Born to Jewish parents, Allan and Nanette Larson, Jonathan dreamt of changing the scope of Broadway musicals with the rock genre before reaching 30. Tick, Tick…BOOM! began as a monologue he performed while he was writing Rent. This, in turn, paved the way for such musicals as Spring Awakening and Next To Normal. Newline's dream is to gain momentum with Tick, Tick…BOOM! and continue on producing more musicals for Sydney audiences.

Of course those who know the story of Jonathan Larson, know that he actually died only 5 years later.

“Maybe this is it. Maybe I really have written the show that will reinvent musicals forour generation – The ‘Hair’ of the 90’s. The cultural lightening rod that will energize the 20-something generation”

Tick Tick Boom! opens at the Parade playhouse, Parade Theatre Kensington NSW on
Tues 12th July. Booking through www.ticketek.com.au or phone 132 849