The Rapture Chapter II: Art vs. Extinction by Lyn Zelen

If art imitates life, The Rapture, Chapter II: Art vs. Extinction is no imitation, it is the truth.  

Finucane and Smith Unlimited “salons of humanity” span the runway stage at the ever-evolving Fortyfivedownstairs. Performance artist and Environmental Scientist  Moira Finucane teams up again with visionary Director Jackie Smith and a swarm of hive-minded creatives and proactive organisations.

Finucane’s satirical, sensual, moral monologues are inspired by her recent conservation exploration spanning the globe. They expose the reality of pollution and destruction in Queensland and the Northern Territory due to fracking for underground gas. She explains the effects of global rising water levels from climate change in Antarctica and the mysterious extinction of microbiological species on the Denmark forest floor, which will ultimately lead to the demise of ecosystems and possibly humans.

Rather than the usual solicited, complex algorithmic mobile phone or laptop version of conservation events, Finucane and the Choir invoke real-time discussion and song of extinction and climate change on the runway stage. A stricken Finucane opens the dialogue of truth and injustices in exquisite couture that accentuates her slight frame in her portrayal of melting icebergs.

The Fortfivedownstairs acoustics enhanced the operatic Choir of Mama Alto and Piera Dennerstein accompanied by pianist, composer, and vocalist Rachel Lewindon, as they sang for the forgotten voices of extinct species.

The Rapture Lounge of designers’ innovative couture augmented Finucane’s embodiment of a plastic fishing net snaring innocent fish, an oil slick covered bird and she peels off the layers of her couture like bark from a withering dying tree-of-life.

Chapter two traces past footsteps left forever on the Earth. Finucane bares her soul and gets the anger off her chest—literally—by removing her couture, belting out a hard rock track of extinct species and what led to their demise, and jumping about topless, hair tossing and fist pumping to the ceiling.

Moira Finucane shared how Art vs. Extinction in the form of human destruction on our doorstep. With permission and guidance from tribal elders, she was privileged to visit a remote sacred site in the Northern Territory, where she saw the shocking first-hand truth—ancient rock paintings depicting extinction of native species and human genocide.

With special guest, singer and songwriter Ray Dimakarri Dixon, they explained the immediate importance of “protecting country’ today, and the fact that there are 85% fracking licenses and pending applications that cover the Northern Territory for underground gas mining. The fracking will destroy the habitat of treasured Australian species, particularly the koala.

Together Ray Dimakarri Dixon, Moira Finucane, and the choir encouraged the audience to join in song in the language of “country” to heal the open wound and the protection of country for Australia’s children.

The Rapture Lounge of artists adorned the stage in sculptures of extinct species from The Wings of Raptors to Great Auks. Canvasses coloured the cave walls, there’s an altarpiece to worship and remember the lost species souls, icicles hung overhead like the melting icebergs of Antarctica and edible artwork—the bread to break and share with fellow audience members—representing rocks in the outback.

Compositions and background tracks captured the auditory essence of Art vs. Extinction. A haunting whale song emphasised Finucane’s disclosure of the atrocities of whaling around the world today for human consumption.

This second chapter has its light-hearted comedic relief; Mama Alto and Peira Dennerstein powerful voices vibrated the windows and added fervor to their rendition of “shrieking krill” as the fishing nets scooped them up from the ocean floor, in turn depleting whales of their sole food source.

The Rapture Chapter II: Art vs. Extinction is an experience to remember. Finucane and the Choir traversed the runway and surrounds in thought provoking living couture’s of art. The compositions’ and Choir lifted the frequencies of hearts with their magnificent voice; the audience were gifted a take home information pack of goodies including a “Road Map of Hope” and eight short steps to save all species on our planet.

Moira Finucane and the Rapture Lounge are performing truth serum, leading humans on the right path to swallow reality and stop the extinction.

Performances:                   5.0 / 5

Costumes:                          5.0 / 5

Sets:                                     5.0 / 5

Lighting:                              5.0 / 5

Sound:                                 5.0 / 5

Direction:                            5.0 / 5

Stage Management:         4.5 / 5