Everyone knows the tale of Snow White. A sweet, innocent teen is run out of home by an evil Queen who then proceeds to try and kill her, meanwhile said teen takes up residence with 7 dwarves whom she proceeds to teach about cleanliness and cooking. Finally, the Queen catches up with the teen, puts her under a curse and well, if you don’t know the rest you might just have to go see it, and People’s Playhouse is giving you that opportunity.

People’s Playhouse Theatre and Kidz 4 Kidz Theatre have undertaken the task of recounting Snow White’s plight using a cast ranging in age from five to 18. Theatre People had a chat with the two leading ladies just before opening night, 16 year old Gabrielle Parker (playing the sweet Snow White) and 16 year old Danielle Debios (taking the stage as the evil Queen). These lead roles are a first for both young actresses but they are most assuredly prepared for the task. Gabrielle has done her research on Snow White, telling Theatre People that in order to prepare for the role she “Looked at other stories of Snow White and stories about princesses around that time and looked at how they moved and how they spoke.” Danielle also mentioned watching the Disney film in preparation for her role.


                                                           Above: the promotional poster for Snow White.

Compared to the well known Disney movie, in this production the colours of Snow White’s dress have been inverted and the Dwarves names have been changed for copyright reasons. Despite this the show promises to be amazing, especially in regards costume design. Following their first dress rehearsal, both leading ladies commented on how it all finally felt real. Gabrielle praised how well the costumes reflect the character’s personalities “Snow White’s costume is simple, delicate and pretty, just like her. The Queen’s is big, fiery, and red. It shows her evil and her majesty as well. The mirror is beautiful and it’s silver and shows the mystical side of the mirror’s character.” Danielle mentioned that the kid’s costumes are especially great, saying “All the kids are adorable. They are all dressed like little animals. You just can’t miss it.”

Despite the large age range both ladies said that the cast was getting along amazingly and that the first dress rehearsal went swimmingly. The dwarves have been very professional, learning all their lines before anyone else and despite the animosity between their characters, Danielle and Gabrielle are good friends.  Gabrielle mentioned that “The older ones help the younger ones and even some of the younger ones help the younger ones. It’s like a little family.”

Both girls hope to have a career in performing arts if they can manage it and from the commitment and work they’ve put into this show, it appears they are well on their way.

Gabrielle Parker and Danielle Debios will be taking the stage from the 28th to the 30th of September and then the 3rd- 4th of October at Cranbourne Community Theatre. Tickets are still available at peoplesplayhouse.asn.au.