You know what’s fun? The Comedy Festival. You know what’s not fun? Deciding what to see at the Comedy Festival.

Cue: this article.

Now, wouldn’t it just be peachy keen should someone tap you on the shoulder (some starless night*) and suggest for you a piece of comedic material that is both tremendously fabulous and brimming with talent?

Oh, hello there! Perhaps you would like to hear about…

The Musical of Musicals: The Musical!

… waaait a minute – WHY is there a MUSICAL at the comedy festival?!

Ahem, I’ll tell you why: Because words, music, a clever story and a troupe of talented thespians can be much funnier than that tragic international comedy act you saw last year which ate up forty of your hard earned dollars. #truestory

This show is a winner for your ComFest budget. To demonstrate why, I have compiled a chart depicting the most common reactions of audience members to ComFest shows. Note that Outcome 1 on the chart is most likely for your TMoM:TM experience.



You are most likely to experience Outcome 1 or 2 (as represented by the above chart) after seeing TMoM:TM. You are unlikely to experience Outcome 3 because there are no ducks in the show and therefore if you are opposed to ducks, this is not a problem. Outcome 4 is the most unlikely because it is not a bad show by any means.

Oh, and it is being presented by The Company of Companies! They are an exceedingly talented bunch. All of them:

Here are the artistic team:

Director: Emma J Leaver Musical Director: Simon Bruckard and Choreography: Kathryn White

And the cast list looks like this:

Bill: Jack Brown Abby: Bianca Bruce June: Emma Hoy Jitter: Josiah Lulham The Ensemble: Michael Leaver

In fact, here they are in action (well, the cast, anyway. The artistic team didn't have a video I could post and wouldn't let me film them eating lunch. I am not sure why.):



So … what is it? (etc. etc.)

Basically, it throws together the stylistic features of 5 incredibly famous Broadway-style shows into 5 mini-musicals, all about paying rent. This is bang for your buck, peoples. Five shows for the price of one or, as the lovely director/producer Emma J Leaver put it, “five shows in 90 minutes. That’s three bucks a show if you come on preview night”.  —> WINNING.

One of the perks of writing bits-and-noodles for TheatrePeople is that I get invited into the rehearsal spaces of various shows and companies. This is where I get to ask all the cool questions and see the shows in their embryonic and/or polished stages. TMoM:TM is far from embryonic: it is fully matured and ready for action and, if I may say so myself, worth many hearty guffaws (ie: much laughter).

The show itself has played off-Broadway, on the West End, and was nominated for a number of Drama Desk awards. It is clever, witty and just plain fun. These guys (The Company of Companies) brought it to MUDfest in 2011 and were awarded Best Musical at MUDfest for their efforts. The show’s appearance at the 2012 Comedy Festival is the result of many requests for a return season. Now, thats pretty cool.

But what if you don't know much about musicals? Here's a secret: it doesn't matter. The show is accessible for anyone wanting to have a good night out, a drink and a laugh. There's a plethora of visual gags, the cast are a hoot and they sing ridiculous songs about corn, clam-dip and opera. Basically, it's Glee with better (and funnier) lyrics and absolutely no auto-tune. The singing is real. Amazing, no? 

Enough talk. You need particulars. Why should you see this show? Well, I used a checklist during last night’s rehearsal of TMoM:TM to assess it's ComFest quality. It yielded pleasing results:


In conclusion, this show is particularly good. Pity about the cheese-platter.


As you can see, the show fulfilled 7 out of 8 criteria. That's a pretty high ranking. If you had your heart set on the cheese platter, however, you should probably just pack a wheel of Brie in your handbag/wallet. Problem solved.

Now for the FAQ’s

But I don’t know anything about musicals! I won’t get it! Yes you will. The show has layers-upon-layers of clever comedic material – it’s not just for the song-and-dance folk. Also, half the musicals in it are movies. Really it could be called “Moviecal of Moviecals : The Moviecal”. But it’s not.

But I don’t like musicals! That’s good. The show makes fun of them. It’s pretty much a ‘point and laugh at how ridiculous musicals are’ kind of show.

I LOVE musicals! Great! Why are you in the FAQ section then??

What should I wear?! Clothes. Preferably. If you have a Phantom of the Opera t-shirt, this would be ideal. If not, no-one will mind.

Who should I bring? Yourself and your friends. No pets.

Should I book? Unless you want to line up for three hours trying to score one of the last tickets available on the night, then yes. I lined up for two hours to see a show last year. It started raining and I didn't have an umbrella. This made me angry and ruined my blow-wave. Booking avoids these things.

The Deets:

The Musical of Musicals: The Musical runs from Tuesday the 17th to Saturday the 21st of April and is playing at 'The Open Stage' at the University of Melbourne, on the corner of Swanston and Grattan streets.

 Tickets are $22 Adult, $18 concession and all Preview tickets (Tuesday 17th) are $15. BARGAIN.

You can book by by clicking here: Ticket Bookings for TMoM:TM

Also, they have a website! Check it out!








*may or may not include a pocket full of starlight.