Dr Phil Dooley is well known, in certain circles and in others he is getting to be known.

He is a physicist, entertainer, pianist and singer. He’ has performed in Science shows and festivals around the world including Glasgow, Sydney, and London, and now for a very limited time he is in Melbourne at The Butterfly Club.

The performance is both very entertaining with a number of “old style” puns, mixed in with plenty of other very funny remarks, as the audience you will be laughing while at the same time being exposed to understanding a number of interesting aspects about why this planet “Earth” is the most amazing planet in the Universe.

Dooley’s songs will have you singing with him, while his skills on the piano, will hold you in the reflective mood.

The presentation is far more than a serious of photos of varies planets and moons, it also focuses on the Planet Earth, and how it amazingly contrasts, not only by the wonderful colour which is a standout when compared to other planets, but also the mechanics, within and around this planet we call home.

His style of comedy makes for a very relaxing and entertaining evening, even some of the comments which are attached to a number of slides made the audience laugh.

Anyone who is curious, or is interested in cosmology, earth science, or just wants to be entertained while learning something that they haven’t considered before, will leave the show satisfied.

Dooley is a natural science communicator, this is reflective both in his personality and manner of presentation, I enjoyed how he engages with the audience, plus the fact that he made himself available for an informal chat at the bar afterwards.

The Most Amazing Planet in the Universe – an Astronomer’s Ode to Earth

An evening with Dr Phil Dooley

Is currently at

The Butterfly Club

5 Carson Pl (off Lt Collins St) Melbourne

From 4th – 9th February.