Sydney Theatre Company and Allens Present
A Sydney Theatre Company production 

The Long Forgotten Dream 
By H Lawrence Sumner 

Jada Alberts - STC The Long Forgotten Dream - Image by Rene Vaile

Jada Alberts will star in STC’s The Long Forgotten Dream (Photo by Rene Vaile)

The Long Forgotten Dream, by Ngarrindjeri writer H Lawrence Sumner, makes its world premiere at the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House this July. Lauded film and theatre director Neil Armfield (Holding the Man, STC’s The Secret River) leads a star studded cast and creative team to bring to life this beautiful piece of writing by one of the most exciting new Australian voices to come along in years. 

Archaeologist Simone Tucker (Jada Alberts) has returned home to South Australia with good news. Having crossed oceans to follow historical clues, she has scoured archives in great and obscure museums of the world to find her great-grandfather’s bones. After two years of cramped planes, dingy hotels and endless searching, she has finally found them, jumbled in a dusty box. Now, it’s her mission to put him to rest. She wants to give him the burial he always deserved. 

What Simone doesn’t realise is that this burial will unearth heartrending secrets for herself and her family. Her small coastal town has a dangerous history, and her father Jeremiah (Wayne Blair) just wants to lie low. Evoking our windswept Australian coast and reaching into far corners of the world, this epic tale is a rich tapestry of families, history and murder told with wry humour, an array of captivating characters and even a little magic. 

Wayne Blair - STC The Long Forgotten Dream - Image by Rene Vaile

Wayne Blair will star in STC’s The Long Forgotten Dream (Photo by Rene Vaile)

The Long Forgotten Dream was developed through the STC’s Rough Drafts program in 2017. Inspired by true stories of stolen bones in Australia’s past, H Lawrence Sumner’s exceptional play is a sweeping family story that brings to life four generations of history in an enchanting Australian town. The cast also includes Melissa Jaffer (STC’s Uncle Vanya, All My Sons), Nicholas Brown (STC’s Still Point Turning), Ningali Lawford-Wolf (STC’s The Secret River) and Justin Smith (STC’s A Flea In Her Ear). 

Along with Director Neil Armfield, the incredible creative team includes Set Designer Jacob Nash, Costume Designer Jennifer Irwin, Lighting Designer Mark Howett, Composer William Barton and Sound Designer Steve Francis. 

Director Neil Armfield
Set Designer Jacob Nash
Costume Designer Jennifer Irwin
Lighting Designer Mark Howett
Composer William Barton
Sound Designer Steve Francis
Assistant Director Deborah Brown 

With: Jada Alberts, Wayne Blair, Nicholas Brown, Brodi Cubillo, Melissa Jaffer, Ningali Lawford-Wolf, Wesley Patten, Justin Smith, Ian Wilkes 


23 July – 25 August
Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
Tickets: or by phone on (02) 9250 1777