The magic of Disney’s The Little Mermaid comes to Frankston’s Art Centre.

PLOS Musical Productions have once again, starting the New Year with an amazing musical production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. This performance doesn’t hold back, having all of the elements expected plus lots more. It’s a great production for children, as well as adults of all ages; you will be transported through the many special effects to the underwater world of Ariel, along with the above water aspects of the story.

The company of The Little Mermaid.

The company of The Little Mermaid.

The opening twilight show was well attended, with heaps of applauses and cheers; the audience were spellbound from the opening curtain to the final bow. It’s a real treat to experience, and should not be missed.

The quality of performance under the direction of Gina Goss is wonderful. While Goss has been involved with the company for some time, this is her first full production as director. Having produced such a high standard of show, I’m sure that this will not be her last.

The musical direction from Malcom Huddle is outstanding, in particular the quartet “If Only” sung by Jesse Thomas (Prince Eric), Hanna Kyberd (Ariel.), David Torr (King Triton) and Daragh Wills (Sebastian).

The choreography by Karissa Robertson is simply brilliant. The way that the entire cast kept moving provided the atmosphere that we were really underwater. The costume designs from Brett Wingfield are very impressive as well as colourful, especially in the larger dance numbers. Trent Whitmore’s wig designs added to the authenticity of this production.

Hannah Kyberd as Ariel.

Hannah Kyberd as Ariel.

The cast maintained a very high level of energy and professionalism. Hats off to young Lenny Thomas (Flounder) who under direction was a show stealer when needed to be and blended in with the cast at the other times. The role of Flounder is shared with another very talented young performer, Thomas Waterworth. While Waterworth was not performing this day, I have seen his work in other productions, and been suitably impressed.

The casting of Ariel and Prince Eric in particular captured that Disney look and feel. Both of them transformed the animated characters to life. Kyberd, as Ariel maintained the posture and characteristics of Ariel at all times, along with a strong and eloquent voice, even when swimming three or four meters above the stage.

As with any great Disney production, there are villains, heroes, comedy and drama. Elise Stevens (Ursula) engaged with the audience from her entrance onward. It was very clear from the beginning that Stevens, was enjoying the role, a fact further highlighted by her fantastic performance of “Daddy’s little angel”.

The comedy aspect was perfectly delivered by Aidan Niarros (Chef Louis). Niarros’ onstage presence was electric, and he brought to the role wonderful facial expressions and animated gestures. The fast-moving choreography and at times split-second timing with the ensemble of chefs is extremely well done.

Ariel’s sisters – Tiffany Pickthall (Aquata), Sarah Govan (Andrina), Saskia Scott (Arista), Ally Bruce (Atina), Tayla Holmes (Adella) and Sienna Lscaro (Allana) – provided balance. There was a wonderful interaction between the Mersisters, as they competed between each other, while at the same time showing a slight indifference towards Ariel. Their performances are just as you would expect from Disney sisters, and that’s not an easy things to portray.

There is so much more to this show. If you miss it, you just may kick yourself.

The Little Mermaid is running till 10th January.

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