Side Pony Productions and The Last Great Hunt have come together for the first time to create a deeply unsettling theatrical experience, due to premiere at   the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) from 14 to 24 June.

 The Irresistible is an unrelenting exploration of unconscious bias and the often invisible assumptions we make about one another. Told through a series of intertwining stories, this haunting new co-production is layered and complex, revealing a darkly comic reflection of our world.

A reckless love letter to the subconscious, The Irresistible will take audiences on an adventure into the unknown. The calibre of the team, the ambitious content and the boldness of the work promise a rich new experience for Perth audiences and a thrilling new contribution to the national theatre landscape.

This production is presented as part of the PICA Performance Program, which acts as a critical support mechanism and catalyst for experimentation, critical analysis, discussion and debate around contemporary performance. The Production has also received generous support through the Blue Room Theatre’s LOFT initiative.