A sci-fi action romance set in space, told by puppets:  The Omega Quest

The last man in the universe searches for a New Earth. Follow his journey traversing space, battling aliens, finding hope and exploring new worlds to save humanity in this visual epic where cinema comes to the stage.

The Omega Quest pays true homage to the art of visual storytelling. This tale of tragedy and triumph utilises the 17th Century Japanese “Banruku”, a form of performance which seamlessly combines live action & puppetry.

Two men stand at the helm of this unusual and very  unique journey. Written and directed by Tim Mager who cites the inspiration for this work as: Japanese game shows, puppetry as well as wanting to master the illusion. His aim is to bring action and adventure to the stage as well as out-unique in an already “unique flooded market.”  Mager also has a refreshing take on theatre making and says: "Theatre does have a nature to take itself too seriously, this is about pairing back and making the whole process start to finish fun."

Scenography is by Ryan Hodge who is striving for "a seamless collaboration of all aspects of theatre to create a ‘WOW” factor." His inspiration is Phillip Geanty and Illusionists and Hodge admits that he and Mager are putting a lot on the line when  something of this genre is attempted.

This show will signpost the first in-house theatrical production of Revolt Melbourne ArtSpace which is something that excites both men.   Revolt's base is in Kensington and is very well known for their in-house production facilities for hire.  The Young Husband Limited Stock building has a long history which dates back to the 1800's and is a perfect facade for the artistic pursuits happening within.

Omega Quest was selected for its uniqueness in approach to visual storytelling. It is a language-less play that deals with recognisable emotion and themes that are common to all humankind, regardless of age, disability or cultural background.  This is complete in keeping with Mager's themes as a playwright. "I like seeing real emotions and problems in a fantastic context!- like loneliness in space," he says.

Mager began the writing journey in Hong Kong and completed it on his return. The play has its fair share of challenges explains Mager: "Because it is choreography to music, this play cannot be rehearsed unless it’s all there and ready to go, everything from props to costume and lighting needs to be organised and ready to go before we bring in actors and puppeteers. The challenge is the music- I have spent a week composing, If I could sit on the side of the stage with a slide whistle I would be much happier!"

This season is a remount of a prototype originally performed as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010. This epic “Space Opera” sold out in its final weeks:  the creators are hopeful of similar accolades. "We just want people to be genuinely entertained and have fun, we want people to walk away and go 'yeah that is awesome, memorable and unique theatre', says Mager."

‘The Omega Quest” Presented by Revolt Productions performed in the Revolt Mainroom, 12 Elizabeth St, Kensington for ONE WEEK ONLY!
Preview Tuesday 14th August ($15)
Tuesday August 14 – Sunday August 19 at 8pm Thursday August 16- Sunday August 19 at 1.30pm
Ticket Prices: $28 full / $23 concession / $18 Student / $18 Groups of 8+ (incl BF)
BOOK NOW: www.revoltproductions.com