Bachela – La – La will make you laugh, laugh, laugh! The Impromptunes Company concocts an exceptional musical version of the reality TV show, The Bachelor.  The unpredictable and incredibly funny script is entirely improvised.

The compare ‘Osher’ (Roland Lewis), greets the audience and we’re immediately asked to supply some abstract information. The unsuspecting audience had inadvertently supplied the improvisation material.

Under the premise of a supposed taping of episode three of the Bachela – La – La, Osher introduces the lovely ladies who are hoping to win the Bachelor’s (Morgan Phillips), heart. Ridiculous character traits are derived from the audience ideas and they’re conveniently displayed on mini-white boards. Each contestant models the traits, concluding in a song.  Their voices and improv are impressive and wickedly funny.

The Bachelor arrives at the mansion.  Osher produces a mini-whiteboard. The contestants dive into a game of charades to help the Bachelor discover his name and character for this evening’s performance.

The three contestants: Lucy (Hollie James), an amorous Policewoman, Mimi (Ashleigh Kreveld), a Librarian who loves dancing, Gwen (Amberly Cull), a single mum and disgruntled bus driver, and finally Savannah (Isabella Valette), a confused Psychic.  All try to win a one-on-one date with the Bachelor.  ‘Guido’—the anxious florist who likes night clubbing–is overwhelmed.  The audience is asked to clap, in the effort to help him determine who gets a rose.

The satirical remarks fly as the ‘losers’ are rejected and those contestants are asked to leave the mansion. Gwen’s reaction is superb.  Mimi seems the likely ‘perfect-match’.  However, Guido finds Savannah’s silly Psychic predictions and confused ‘wanderings’ endearing.

The victors, Mimi and Savannah, revel in the new odds when the ‘Intruders’ invade the mansion.  Three female members of the audience are invited onto the stage to vie for a date with Guido. The lovely ladies are instructed to place their hands behind their backs, whilst the Impromptunes (Hollie, Mimi and Isabella), use their arms and hands like puppeteers to flirt and coerce Guido.

Again the audience contributions direct the show.  Guido takes the winner on a tandem skydiving date in the Antarctica.  However, the Bachelor’s heart lies with a contestant back in the mansion.

The parody of the popular reality dating show continues.  Will Guido have a ‘life changing moment’ and choose the right woman to spend the rest of his life with? Or will an intruder steal him away?

Try and refrain from laughing every time Osher produces another red envelope with the ‘audience’ script inside.  Emmet Nichols minimal direction is evident and the Impromptunes comic timing is spot on. David Peake’s keyboard, punctuating the dialogue is superb and would rival any pianist from the silent-movie era.

For those romantics at heart, this Bachelor is definitely not reality! The nature of improv will always lend itself to dips and troughs.  These moments in the Bachela – La – La, allow you to take a breath from laughing and then laugh some more.