A standing ovation for the Hubei Chime Bells Orchestra and the performance of The Imperial Bells of China – Chimes in Concert.

This high-quality performance is a must see for any music lover, not only for the music but also in the way the performance transforms you.

They say that music is the universal language, but at times like this, it also transforms you back into a rich culture, the 2,400-year-old bronze and stone chime-bells themselves are regarded as “the eighth wonder of the world”; with its grand music, broad range and rich characteristics, the bells are incredible in design, structure, harmonics, tone and crispness.

Imperial Bells one

Hubei Chime Bells Orchestra with the Imperial Bells presents a flawless performance displaying a rich diverse catalogue of music ranging from Operatic adaption from “The Red Guards from Lake Honghu” sung by Ms Ma Yaqin whose richness, tones and vocal expressions were outstanding, to Folk Orchestra items such as “Dance of the Yao” and “Silk Road”.

Imperial Bells 3

The evening moves along at a seamless pace, other highlights include a Bamboo Flute Sole which is perfectly executed by Mr. Zhang Hongyang who delivers and transports you with the adaptive piece “The Narrative of Broken Bridge” taken from Yue Opera version of the most famous works “Madame White Snake” and to balance out the vocal solo’s Mr. Qin Desong impeccably presents an outstanding medley of love songs.

The highlight of the evening, without any doubt, is the Imperial Bells, not only are they used as part of the orchestra which provides softness, balance and strength, the bell pieces are interwoven with the evenings program and are highlighted with chime music starting with the early music “Sounds of Peace” and other chime music such as “Chu Folk Song” and the ancient chime music “Harmony of Eight Tones” which reflects the music feature of the most prosperous Chu period (206-202 BC) along with a composition written in 2010 by the famous Chinese composer Mr. Tang Jianping titled “Impression of Chu

Imperial Bells 2

Hats off to Ms Zhou Wen, the conductor, who’s professional skills brought together such a memorable evening, Concertmaster Mr. Hu Jian and the Planning Director Mr. Lu Xiangrong for arranging and bringing the incredible Hubei Chime Bells Orchestra with the Imperial Bells of China to Australia.

The Imperial Bells of China – Chimes in Concert are performing for one night only – July 23rd at the Sydney Opera House.