Audiences are invited to enter the magical imagination of Alice in Wonderland creator Lewis Carroll in a new ultra-modern steampunk musical adaptation of The Hunting of the Snark at Arts Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax Studio from July 11 – 15.
RGM Productions (Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Musical) brings to life Carrol’s nonsense poem in a sparkling musical comedy adventure for four to 94-year-olds. The theatrical tour-de-force features five high-energy actors, a life-like puppet, lashings of daft humour and an award-winning soundtrack of witty songs that will delight, excite and entertain.

A legendary Snark has been spotted on a remote island far out to sea and the race is on to capture the mythical creature worth ‘millions of thousands of dollars.’ On the journey to Snark Island audiences find a lonely bullied little Boy, his Banker father who is so rich he puts diamonds on his cereal, a knitting Beaver, a stupendously silly Baker who can’t remember his name; and a moronic Bellman who happens to be the world expert on Snarks.

Our Boy hero and his Beaver friend encounter a fantastical parade of larger-than-life characters including the colourful Jub Jub Bird, a tricksy Bandersnatch who will steal literally anything (including your father’s favourite underwear), a blood-thirsty Butcher with a penchant for exotic fare and the terrifying Boojum who with one touch ‘can softly and suddenly vanish you away.

July 11 – 15