Audiences are invited to jump into the enchanting tale of a young boy who longs to become a brilliant magician when Netherlands’ acclaimed Het Filiaal theatermakers present The Great Illusionist at Arts Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax Studio from August 4 – 5. The clever theatre production designed for families and children aged 8 years and above is a tale of daring and willpower, the importance of a good assistant, and of course, a white rabbit.

Packed with cleverly executed illusions and tantalising tricks, it proves there’s more to magic than meets the eye. The rich, multilayered production features live music, a crazy rabbit chase, world-renowned hand puppets, a moving romance, impressive illusions and marvellous tricks. Made up of three intersecting story lines, audiences are given an insight into life backstage for a clever rabbit and magician’s assistant, a young boy’s dreams of being an illusionist and three large-scale illusions.

The Great Illusionist director and writer Monique Corvers says the creative team was fascinated by the backstage side of magic and read many books on neurology and magic to understand how the brain computes illusions.

August 4 – 5