The Glitter and Doom Salon is what it says on the box, some Glitter, and unfortunately, some doom…

The Spiegel sets the right atmosphere, intimate, jazzy, slight signs of flaking paint on this ancient yet appealing, fringe venue. Jennifer fits right in. Appearing in a brilliant burlesque style costume and appropriately, covered in glitter! She is the consummate show-host, obviously comfortable with a crowd, inviting audience participation and revelling in the bawdy adoration of the crowd.

This is a brave crowd, getting in close around the stage, perhaps unprepared for the mayhem about to ensue! Their host however, has a knack for making her fans feel like they’re at a raucous house party and most bravely, if somewhat haphazardly, immerse themselves in the experience.

Jennifer performs her songs, most tributes to idol Tom Wait, with humour and gutsiness (is that a word?). She sings with gusto and plays the piano like a demon.

Among her special guests were Bradley and Gabby the sex-crazed human/cat. This was the doom section of the show. Bradley had an amazing voice once he relaxed, however one was left with the feeling that more rehearsal was required for this particular part of the show. I can’t even explain the ‘crazy Cat’: suffice to say some received this prior-Edinburgh performer with bawdy Elizabethan humour, the rest of us were just left feeling a little confused by the slightly sleazy element!

The sparkling glitter of this exhibition was Lisa Lotti and Hannah. These girls were amazing! Lisa’s command of Hula Hoops, left this non-gym junkie breathless! Her stage presence magnetised everyone in the venue, demanding well-deserved adoration, to a heavy punk Billy Idol soundtrack. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her. Hannah in comparison, swung from chains attached to the ceiling. Her trademarks of energy and an amazing smile kept us spell-bound.

This show has been described as part burlesque, part cabaret, and I guess for the most part this plays, out. I’d like to see more burlesque included; more Glitter, less Doom.

You won’t be disappointed by a visit to Gluttony for this performance, if nothing else, these diverse spectacles ensure an entertaining evening.