It's the new vocal remedy that Australian Performers swear by.  What's in this magical tea and does it really work?

We've all been there… Voiceless and desperate.  You'll try just abut anything to get your voice back, but most remedies are a waste of time and money.  However, a group of Aussie performers have come up with a solution that they say can restore you to your former glory.  We caught up with one of the founders, Cam MacDonald to see what the benefits really are.

TP: So where did the idea for "the five vocal tea" come from?

Cam: I was given this mysterious vocal remedy one afternoon. I had 5 shows of Jersey Boys in Brisbane across the weekend, the last of the 5 being our opening night, after which there is the customary celebration. I then had an early flight to Melbourne on the Monday, where I was singing at a night featuring the music of Anthony Costanzo. I was vocally shot even as the day kicked off, but attempting one of Anthony's soaring ballads at the rehearsal made it pretty clear to me i was going to struggle.

Another singer at the concert gave me this peculiar looking seed, and explained it was a Chinese remedy, and that i should pour boiling water on it, and then drink.

It was bizarre, the seed grew in the water to about 5 times it's size. The drink itself was tasteless, but i was assured that If i kept topping up with hot water, I'd slowly but surely get my voice back. Sure enough I did a great gig that night, and I wondered whether more people, but particularly singers should know about it.

It is now our special ingredient, alongside 2 delicious vocally targeted, relaxing tea blends.

The Five Vocal Tea!

TP: Why is it better than other conventional products?

Cam: It has been designed by 2 singers. Who better to cater to the needs of Singers and speakers, then 2 professionals? Michelle and I have each spent the last 10 years in professional Australian theatre, our credits including: Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia, Chicago, Hairspray, Spamalot, Altar Boyz, and Miss Saigon. So we're more than familiar with the rigors of an 8 show week. Sometimes you need a little remedy to make it through.

A lot of sore throat remedies are actually potentially pretty damaging. The majority of lozenges are full of menthol, which can burn your chords, as can eucalyptus and steam. There's a time and a place for most existing remedies. But we believe our product will revive your voice, and is specific to the needs of all singers who are fatigued or ill.

Plus it's delicious! The liquorice and peppermint is my personal favourite, but we get lots of compliments about our Lemongrass and Ginger.

TP: Who's used it and how does it work?

Cam: We've had a wonderful initial response from the Musical Theatre community. Notable Drinkers include Amanda Harrison, Christie Whelan, Rohan Browne, Ben Mingay, David Harris, Josh Piterman, James Millar and Matthew Robinson amongst many others.

People have found the tea to be yummy first and foremost, but secondly have noted it's ability to soothe sore chords, and revive the voice. We think it will be a go-to for singers in need.
The seed acts as a natural anti-inflam, taking swelling away from tired chords, and opening up the throat.

TP: What's it made from?

Cam: All our tea ingredients are organic, and our seeds sustainably farmed. Those things are both hugely important to us.

We have 2 flavours available for purchase, each bag containing 10 tea bags of your favourite flavour, and 5 seeds. Our pyramid tea bags are always good for 2 cups of tea, and the seeds for 4-5.

TP: How much is it and where can we get it?

Cam: The Tea retails for $12.50 and is sold at
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Both Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance and Centrestage Performing Arts School In Brunswick have come on board as Victorian stockists. We hope to expand our list of stockists, to save our customers on shipping costs.